We take a look at small wedding venues

We happen to believe we have the best of the Fort Worth wedding venues, and this article is all about proving that to you. We are Tarrant Events Center, located at 5230 Denton Highway, in Fort Worth, and we are standing by the phone should you have questions. Call us for information about one of the newest, and certainly one of the best, affordable wedding venues.

What we offer with our local wedding venues space

Here is just a short list of the amenities included in our wedding venue site:

  • Room for 300
  • Auditorium and cafeteria-style seating
  • Movable stage
  • Wireless microphones
  • State-of-the art sound system
  • WiFi
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Two separate VIP rooms
  • 6 huge video monitors
  • Parking and overflow parking
  • Over one acre of grounds for indoor and outdoor wedding venues
  • Half-day and full-day rentals
  • Central location for easy access for all of Tarrant County

As you can see from that list, we have left no stone unturned.

How we differ from many inexpensive wedding venues

There are basically two types of wedding venues: full-service, where food and decorating and clean-up are provided, and a turnkey venue, where the client takes care of those amenities/duties.  We are the second type, and we believe the best type for those who want freedom in planning and executing a wedding.

With the first option, many of the “behind the scenes” wedding preparation things are done by the venue staff. The venue takes care of food, of decorations, of music, bartender, and take-down clean-up.  Of course, those extra duties are reflected in the price of the venue rental, which is usually higher because of that fact. The other problem with this approach is it locks the client in to particular items which the client may not want.  In effect, the client is paying for things they may not use, and they are also somewhat locked into a particular theme.  In other words, there are some wedding venues where a Star Wars, or Frozen, theme would be impossible to make into a reality.

With a turnkey operation like Tarrant Events Center, you are free to create any wedding style and ambiance you want.  You take care of the food delivery or preparation.  You provide the bartender, the decorations, and the entertainment.  You are in charge of set-up and take-down.  Yes, this means a bit more planning and work for you and your crew, but it also means more freedom for you and a lower rental price.  You walk in with your dream and vision, we hand you the key to the front door, and you do your magic.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and we believe that is an important point to consider.  It means that Fort Worth citizens, like you, are invested in making you happy and satisfied. It means that the money you spend remains in the Fort Worth community, and during these tough economic times, that is an important consideration.

Call us today!  Call far in advance to make sure you get the date you want.  We would love to have your wedding dreams come true at Tarrant Events Center.