after wedding party option to save money

It’s an interesting question, eh? Are affordable wedding venues really affordable?  And affordable for whom? Bill Gates?  Or someone with a modest wedding budget?

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Now, let’s talk about the cost of a wedding venue, one claiming to be affordable.

The overall cost of a wedding

Figuring out the cost of a wedding is more than just paying the rental fee on a wedding venue. Oh if it were only that simple.  The overall cost of a wedding includes the cost of the wedding venue, the cost of decorations, the cost of entertainment, the rental cost of a reception venue, the food at the reception, and a variety of other incidental costs.   Add it all up and it spells EXPENSIVE!  That is why finding truly affordable wedding venues is crucial so you don’t find yourself under a mountain of debt.

Let’s talk just about the rental cost of affordable wedding venues

If we are simply talking about the cost of wedding venues, that cost can literally range from zero to tens of thousands.  Heck, you can hold the marriage in the backyard of your friend’s home if that’s what you want and what you can afford.  Or you can hold the wedding at the yacht club and pay $5,000 for the privilege.  So, what is an affordable wedding venue?  Your budget, and your financial situation, are the only determining factors when answering that question.

There are ways, however, to make any wedding venue MORE affordable, so let’s look at those options in the remainder of this article.

Money is really saved when getting creative with incidental costs

Do you really need a professional musician to play at the wedding, or will your cousin, who plays the piano quite well, good enough? Do you really need to pay a professional wedding planner, or can your family handle decorations for much less money? Do you really need to cater the reception, or can your friends and relatives step up and do the cooking and food preparation?

And, do you really need a separate event space rental for the reception, or can you hold the wedding and reception at the same venue, like we offer at Tarrant Events Center, basically two venues for the cost of one?

The bottom line regarding affordable wedding venues

There is money to be saved no matter where you hold the wedding/reception, but you need to embrace creativity.  Our suggestion: look for a wedding venue which provides as much flexibility as possible in design and in the leasing terms.  You are looking for wiggle room where your creativity and DIY attitude can flourish.  Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the best leasing terms possible. There are many wedding venues to choose from, and some will work with you to make sure you don’t bust your budget.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

With ten floor plans to work with, with indoor and outdoor facilities, and with a helpful staff willing to work with you, Tarrant Events Center is rapidly becoming a preferred wedding venue in Fort Worth. Call us to arrange for a tour; reservations are taken a full year in advance.