match the event center to your needs

You have so many options when looking for the right event center for your event; how do you choose the correct one?  Event centers come in all sizes and shapes; they span a wide range of prices; they have a variety of amenities; how can you find the one which exactly meets your specific needs?

We will tackle that question in today’s article, we being Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth Metro area. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about our fine event hall rental.

Now, let’s turn our attention to choosing the right event center for you.

Choosing an event center always begins with your budget

Budget will fuel any discussion about choosing an event room rental.  Prices for an event center will range from a couple hundred dollars to tens-of-thousands of dollars, depending upon the city you work and play in.  If you have a “bottom line” budget, which includes the price of the event center and the cost of food, entertainment, clean up and set up, and decorations, then that bottom line will eliminate a good many event centers before you ever visit a one.

Some event center leasing agents will negotiate a price; most will not.  Begin your search with a list of event centers; call them and ask the what their leasing fee is; cross of the ones which will threaten your budget, and then turn your attention to the ones still in the running.

Then turn your attention to your vision

No matter what type of venue you are looking for, be it affordable wedding venues or birthday party venues or conference facilities, you no doubt have a vision of what your event will look like.  Envision the perfect event. Envision the food preparation, the stage location, the table configuration, and the flow of events during the event.

While you are doing that, also consider “the vibe.” What kind of mood do you want to portray at your event? When people walk through the doors of the event space rental, what will they see and what will they feel?

Making the budget and vision match

Now you have a foundation from which you can begin your serious search for an event center.  From the list of event centers which fit your budget, go pay a visit to all of them. Walk in, with your vision in mind, and ask yourself this question: can my vision be accomplished in this space?  If the answer is yes, or maybe, keep it on the list. If the answer is no, thank the leasing agent and walk out.

From the list of remaining possibilities, it is now time to do some serious scrutiny.  What amenities do they all offer?  What are their requirements? Do they have all-inclusive pricing, like our Tarrant Events Center, of do they have hidden fees?  How much flexibility do they offer you?

Will this all take time? You bet it will, and that is why we always suggest you begin this process a full year in advance of the event you are planning.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is an all-purpose event center, capable of being whatever you want to be, with ten floor plans for the interior and over an acre of landscaped grounds.  We consider ourselves to be the chameleons of the event industry in Fort Worth; whatever you want us to be, to blend into the landscape of your vision, we can be.

Call us today and arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center.