indoor wedding venues

Anyone looking for Keller wedding venues would do well to drive ten miles down the road to 5230 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, and check out Tarrant Events Center.  It is well-worth the short drive, and the rest of this article will tell you why we believe that. Call us for more information and to arrange a tour of our Keller event space rental.

The cost of a wedding venue

Wedding ceremony venues come in all sizes and shapes, and the cost of them spans a wide range.  Tarrant Events Center can handle up to 300 people for a wedding ceremony, and the price ranges from $850 to $2500, depending upon whether you need a half-day rental or a full-day rental, and which day of the week you need it.  Most wedding venues will cost more to rent at peak times, and weekends are considered peak times, thus the higher cost.

These prices are at the low end of the cost scale for wedding venues in Tarrant County.  For sure, you can find one cheaper, say $500 for an event, and you can definitely find them more expensive, say $10,000 for an event, but our prices definitely put us in the “affordable wedding venues” range for this area.

Flexibility is our hallmark

Unlike many other wedding venues, we have the capability to fit practically any vision for a wedding. We have a movable stage. We have over ten floor plans available.  With over an acre of landscaped property we can either handle indoor weddings or outdoor wedding venues.

But that’s not all!

Our event hall rental is really a blank slate. We are not JUST wedding venue, so our event space rental is simply an empty building awaiting your decorations. Unlike some wedding venues, we did not decorate ours in a wedding theme. We feel you are much more capable of achieving that “special” atmosphere for the wedding you are planning. We simply provide the canvas for you to paint your vision upon.  This, too, keeps our prices down, making us the best of the inexpensive wedding venues in Tarrant County.

And the rest is up to you!

What entertainment do you want after the wedding venue? What decorations do you want? Food? Drinks? All up to you to arrange.  You have the freedom to contract with vendors and to negotiate a price.  Unlike many wedding venues, we do not lock you into a pre-arranged, contracted deal with certain food vendors or decorators. Thus, through negotiations, you save even more money.

Why go elsewhere for a reception?

Tarrant Events Center is so flexible, and has so much space, that many of our clients have found it convenient to have both the wedding and the wedding reception at our event hall rental. We certainly have the space to achieve that, and you can’t beat the convenience for your guests.

Call us today and arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center.  We can answer all of your questions then, but let us end this particular discussion by saying we offer all-inclusive pricing, meaning there are no hidden costs or surprises for your budget. Sign the contract and the price is good for one year from the signing.

Tarrant Events Center, the trusted wedding venue, Keller or all of Tarrant County.