Backyards can be wedding ceremony venues.  The same can be said for a battleship or a convenience store parking lot or a city park. The question is this: what do you want your wedding venue to look like? Once you’ve answered that question, making it happen is as easy as reading this article.

We are Tarrant Events Center, and providing wedding venues to happy couples is what we do.

Read on for suggestions on how you can turn your wedding ceremony into the perfect wedding ceremony.

Consider, again, our first statement about wedding ceremonies

Any site or location can be a wedding ceremony venue.  That’s not a flippant statement but rather a true one.  We are, in fact, stating the obvious when we say that. All you need for a wedding ceremony is the two people getting married, an ordained and licensed minister, and a marriage certificate. That’s it!

And all you need for a fantastic wedding ceremony is your imagination and creativity.

It begins with your vision of the perfect wedding ceremony

If you can dream it, it can happen!  At Tarrant Events Center, we are big believers in dreams coming true. We do not believe in limitations, not in the year 2020, and certainly not in the United States of America.  You have a vision of your perfect wedding ceremony. We know you do. Heck, everyone does.  So go with it.  Don’t sit and fret about your budget. Budgets only cramp style.  We want you to sit down and write up a list of things which must happen in order for your dream to come true.

Go ahead! Sit down and do it!

Now name a date!  To make things a bit easier, do this at least a year in advance.

And now we make your vision a reality!

How?  By being flexible and creative, and the event center has laid the groundwork so you can paint the picture of your dream wedding.

What we do at Tarrant Events Center is provide the blank canvas for your painting.  We provide the venue, indoor and outdoor. We provide the basics like tables, chairs, and linens.  We then stand back and tell you to paint your picture.  We give you the freedom, with our venue rental, to make it into anything you want it to be. Do you want a Sleeping Beauty theme to your wedding? There’s nothing stopping you at Tarrant Events Center.  How about Star Wars of The Game of Thrones?

We hand you the key and tell you to turn our event space rental into anything your heart and mind can imagine. We can give you recommendations for caterers and food trucks and entertainment and bartenders, but making your vision a reality is completely in your lap.

This does two things: it saves you money, and it ensures that you get exactly what you want.  You can negotiate with fiddlers and balloon artists and sword-swallowers.  You can negotiate with Tom’s Barbecue and Helen’s House of Pancakes.  You can find the best deals for your wedding ceremony without the interference of any venue management team, and that kind of freedom is priceless.

So what do you say? Tarrant Events Center offers cheap small wedding venues for those who are creative and whimsical.  Is that you? If so, give us a call!