match the event center to your needs

This article is not so much an article about a North Richland Hills event space rental as it is about the best event hall rental in Tarrant County.

We are talking about Tarrant Events Center, 5230 Denton Highway, Fort Worth, a mere fifteen minutes away from North Richland Hills, by car, and well-worth the drive.  Call us for more information if your questions are not answered in this article, or call us for a tour of our event room rental.

Why is Tarrant Events Center the best?

We can answer that in three segments: overall cost, flexibility, and ownership.  Let’s look at each of these.

Overall cost

Our renting fee ranges from $850 to $2500 per event, depending upon a half-day rental or a full-day rental, and what day of the week your event will be held. Obviously, and this is industry-wide, weekends cost more than weekdays because they are in high-demand.  This is an all-inclusive price, meaning there will be no hidden fees from the time you sign the contract to the time you hold the event.

But that’s only part of the story regarding cost.  The cost of an event is not just the cost of the event venue. You then have to factor in the cost of food, of beverages, of entertainment, and of decorations.  Some event venues include that in their rental price, and they arrange for all of that for you. Trust us when we tell you that this is a very expensive route to go.  You not only pay for the food, but you pay the event center to arrange for the food.  You not only pay for decorations and entertainment, but you pay the event center to arrange for the decorations and entertainment.

Now that might be all right with you if you are flush with cash, but most people are not, which means our approach is more palatable and attractive.  We rent you the venue at Tarrant Events Center. We leave the rest up to you.  You can negotiate with caterers, or you can cook your own food.  You can find an inexpensive entertainment option, and you can negotiate for decorations.  In the negotiating you are saving money, and for people with a budget this is a very big factor to consider.


We are not just a wedding venue. We are not just a birthday party venue.  We are not just a wedding reception venue or a corporate meeting venue.  We are anything you want us to be.  We have all the basics, i.e. tables, chairs, movable stage, ten floor plans, two VIP rooms, over an acre of landscaped grounds, audio and video equipment, kitchen.  You are not stuck with our vision of your event, but rather you are free to transform our event venue into the event of your dreams.


We live, work, and worship in Tarrant County, local ownership all the way, and that means we are neighbors helping neighbors every step of the way during your rental process.  This is important. Neighbors don’t let neighbors down, and we have no intention of having your rental experience be a negative experience.

Call us for more details and to arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center, the best North Richland Hills Event Space Rental not in North Richland Hills.