outdoor garden wedding venues

Before you begin your search of outdoor wedding venues in your area, we strongly suggest you read this article, long before you sign your name to a rental contract, thus locking in on the reservation cost.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and what we have to tell you will prevent you from making the #1 mistake people make when renting outside wedding venues.

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The natural beauty inherent with outdoor wedding venues

Listen, we fully understand the appeal to outdoor wedding venues. We have over an acre of landscaped grounds at our own wedding venue, and we have witnessed some beautiful ceremonies held there.  We are not immune to the natural beauty of outdoor weddings.  We fully understand why couples opt for outdoor weddings, especially under rosy skies on a lovely Fort Worth evening.

But, it’s a roll of the dice, that lovely Fort Worth evening, and therein lies the #1 problem with outdoor wedding venues.

The #1 problem with outdoor wedding venues

What if that lovely Fort Worth evening turns gray and windy? What if a tropical storm blows through Fort Worth on the weekend of your wedding? What if it’s so hot you could fry eggs on the sidewalk?  What if strong winds flow dust in from Kansas, or wildfire smoke in from California?

Consider this: most reservations for wedding venues must be made at least six-months in advance.  Many are made a full-year in advance.

How are you at weather-forecasting?

We do not mean to sound facetious when we ask that question.  It is a serious question.  If you cannot accurately predict the weather forecast for July 10, 2023, and you cannot, then you are opening yourself up for some very wild weather that day, the day you are locked in on with your reservation.  The show must go on, no matter the weather, or you forfeit your reservation fee and your wedding is a disaster if Mother Nature decides to toss some wild weather your way.

Protect yourself with this suggestion

We have a solution, and it’s so simple we don’t understand why other event center companies don’t think of it: have an indoor wedding alternative in case the outdoor wedding option is not possible due to weather.

That is what you will find at Tarrant Events Center. We have a beautiful indoor event hall rental, and we have the acre of landscaped grounds adjacent to it.  You can plan your wedding without fear, because if the weather is bad, you can simply move your wedding indoors.

Such a simple solution, and you don’t pay extra for the option, because when you rent Tarrant Events Center, you are renting the indoor venue plus the landscaped grounds.

If you do not live in Fort Worth, we strongly suggest you only consider event hall rentals which have landscaped grounds as an option, but not the only option.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. We are one of the newest event venues in Fort Worth, and that means we have to try harder to catch up with the competition, and that’s good news for our clients. Call us for more details about indoor and outdoor wedding venues.