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If “party halls near me” is the Greater Fort Worth Metroplex, we have the party hall rentals for you.

Tarrant Events Center, serving all of Tarrant County, Texas, at your service!  We can handle any party with party-goers ranging from 10-275 in number, and we are conveniently located whether you live in Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, Watauga, or North Richland Hills.

We are at your service!  Give us call about party room rentals!

The cost of a party venue in Fort Worth

We did a little investigative work before writing this article.  We did a search of party halls in the Fort Worth area, and the prices ranged from $450 per night to $10,000.  That, my friends, is quite a price range, and it might lead one to ask this obvious question: why is there such a range in prices for a party space rental?

Good question!  To answer it, we will have to share a bit of industry insider information.

Event party venue rental are priced according to a number of factors. Those factors would include:

  • Popularity of the venue
  • Peak season pricing
  • Amenities included in the price

Let’s consider each of these, and then we’ll talk about Tarrant Events Center and our low, low pricing.

Popularity of the event space rental

Some people have their heart set on having a party at Globe Life Field.  Don’t ask me why. I just know it is true. Some people want to have a party at Disneyland.  Good luck to them, and we hope they have a fantastic experience.

But they are going to pay for that experience, and pay through the nose!

Popularity drives the price up!  The Laws of Supply and Demand dictate this to be true. The greater the demand, the higher the price, and that has been true since capitalism was invented.

If you are looking for a great price for a party hall near you, avoid the obvious, uber-popular event spaces.

Peak season pricing

Let’s say the event you want to hold is a wedding reception. The absolute worst time for you to hold a wedding or wedding reception is in May and June.  Everyone wants to get married during those months.  Again, we refer you to the Laws of Supply and Demand.  If demand is high for May-June, the price for an event venue will reflect that demand.

Or, put it another way, don’t throw a birthday party on New Year’s Eve and expect to find a party hall at a great deal.

Amenities included

Read the fine print and know what you are renting.  Rent a restaurant for a party and chances are you will be renting their catering service as well.  Amenities will drive up the cost of your party, so let the renter beware of what they are signing on for.

About Tarrant Events Center

We are a turnkey operation.  Our low, low price is due, in part, because all we are renting is the venue and the necessities like tables, chairs, linens, and a sound system.  We leave the amenities up to you.  We have a finished kitchen if you want to bring in a caterer.  We have a list of food trucks we recommend if you want to go that route.  We have DJ’s we can recommend if you want music.  We can give you suggestions by the boatload, but all you are paying for is the Tarrant Events Center.  All the fluff is up to you, and that means our price is affordable for any party planner.