the cost of party venues

Any search for Party Room Rentals Fort Worth must include Tarrant Events Center, located at 5230 Denton Highway in Fort Worth. This article is going to tell you why that is true, and we invite you to call our leasing agent for more information.

We are not going to tell you we are the best of the party hall rentals

That right there makes us unique. We are not going to tell you we are the best of the party hall rentals in Fort Worth and Tarrant County, because what is the best for one person is not necessarily the best for another.  What Tom Cruise, Hollywood actor, might think is the absolute best party space rental would not be the best for Mike Cruise, HVAC repairman in Fort Worth. What we can tell you is that our brand-new party venue rental is competitively-priced and luxurious. We can tell you that it offers you all of the amenities you will find in the most expensive party venues around Tarrant County, but it is not an exclusive location only for the rich.

Some of our unique features at Tarrant Events Center

Let’s look at some appealing features we offer:

  • Half-day or full-day rentals
  • Indoor and outdoor party venues
  • Unique amenities
  • Turn-key operation

Let’s look at each of them in a little more detail.

Half-day or full-day

Why pay for fifteen hours of rental if you are only going to use the facility for six hours? We don’t think it’s fair to the fine people of Fort Worth that some party venue rental places charge for a full-day rental when most parties only last four-to-six hours.  That just strikes us as wrong.

We charge for half-day rentals (8-3 or 5-11) or full-day rentals. The choice is yours, as is the money you save by going with Tarrant Events Center.

Indoor and Outdoor

Here’s a little feature you won’t find at most party room rentals in the Fort Worth area: we offer our indoor venue, but in addition you have access to our one-acre plus outdoor area, beautifully landscaped, bursting with trees and outdoor tables, such a nice option on lovely Fort Worth afternoons or starry nights.  It is your option when you rent from Tarrant Events Center, indoor, outdoor, or both, all for the same price.

Unique amenities

A movable stage . . . six huge video monitors . . . industrial-sized kitchen . . . overflow parking . . . capable of handling up to 300 guests, and yet also capable of feeling intimate for small party gatherings.

Turn-key operation

There is very little preparation involved with renting Tarrant Events Center.  You provide the food and entertainment and decorations. We provide the space.  We meet you at the time of the rental, unlock the door, turn you loose to do your thing, and meet you afterwards to do a walk-through.  There are no hidden feels. No extras tacked don after you sign the contract. We are what we are, and what we are is a locally owned and operated party room rental with everything you need at a price you can afford.

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