Looking for places to rent for birthday parties is a bit like looking for one particular flea on an old hound dog.  You’ll be babbling to yourself by the time you finish looking, and most likely you’ll end up just choosing any old flea because you are glassy-eyed from all the choices.

We have a suggestion which might allow you to relax a bit and not get so stressed about the search for birthday party places.

We are going to use our own birthday party venues as an example.  We are Tarrant Events Center, located in Fort Worth, Texas, and what we are about to tell you will apply in any city in the United States, so read on and learn about the world of birthday party rental space.

The problem with theme-based party venues

The main problem is cost, quite frankly.  You pay for all the fancy decorations.  You pay through the nose for all the theme-based food.  You pay for the theme-based music at most birthday venues.

You pay!

Unless you are rolling in dough, our suggestion to you is that you look for a birthday party rental space where saving money is the priority rather than spending money.

The problem with ultra-popular party venues

The main problem, in this case, is you pay for the popularity.  The fact that the venue rental is a popular destination in your city means they can ask a higher price for the rental.  It’s simply Supply and Demand.  Jack up demand and the prices will be jacked up, and that is simply an economic fact of life.

Our recommendation if you want to save money

Now we have you attention, right?  Saving money is an attention-grabber for most people.

Here’s our solution to your dilemma:  rent a turnkey event space rental like Tarrant Events Center, and then either negotiate with vendors and musicians and decorators, or do it all yourself.

There is a popular party hall rentals in our Fort Worth area.  If we named it you would probably say you had heard of it, even if you don’t live in Fort Worth.  They rent their venue for ten-grand a night.

Ten-thousand per night!!!

Do you have ten-thousand to pay for a party venue rental?  Of course you don’t!  Who does?

But, what you can afford is Tarrant Events Center, plus the cost of decorating it yourself.

That’s our business model.  We rent an empty space, and we turn it over to you to make it into a party venue.  We have no doubt you can find a caterer at a fair price, or we highly recommend you just go with food trucks to save more money.  We have no doubt you can decorate our event venue, and we have no doubt you can find a DJ to provide music if that’s what you want.

You take our very reasonable price, add to that the price of you decorating, and you still aren’t within sniffing distance of the ten-thousand price charged by that popular place we mentioned earlier.

Don’t get gouged for a birthday party venue.  Play it smart and rent a turnkey venue like Tarrant Events Center.  You are fully capable of turning our place into a dazzling party venue.