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Wait till the last minute to rent a banquet hall at your peril.  For the optimum results, renting a banquet hall at the earliest possible moment is always the best move, and in today’s article we will tell you why that is. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with a multi-purpose, brand-new events center, and we would love to have you take a tour. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.

The early bird catches the worm when renting a banquet hall

Quality event centers like our own Tarrant Events Center will take reservations a full year in advance.  The advantage of that is you lock in your event hall rental fee at the price charged at the time of the reservation, protecting yourself from a price increase during that year of preparation.

And that price increase could be substantial.

The same can be said for the costs of food, entertainment, decorations, and other incidentals.  It is entirely possible that they may experience a price increase during a year, but that price increase will not affect your budget if you reserve that event room rental early.

Plans made using banquet hall dimensions

Reserving an event space rental early gives you more time to make plans for the set-up.  You will know the exact measurements a full year in advance, and that knowledge will help you to make secondary plans as the preparation occurs over that year.  This is important because it means you will be able to rent items which will fit perfectly in the event room rental you are locked into.

In other words, less preparation headaches.

Early planning assures more attendees

The more advanced notice you can give the people on your guest list, the better the chances that you will have most of them attend your banquet. People love advanced notice. They can plan on something if they know it is going to happen on a specific date far in advance.  It is convenient for them to make their own plans around that date.

The industry numbers on this are very specific, and the number of attendees for any event greatly increases in proportion to the amount of time they have had to plan on attending.

Always read fine print and insist on all-inclusive pricing

One word of warning: always read the fine print, and always insist upon all inclusive pricing. What is all inclusive pricing? It means there are no hidden fees. It means there are no last-minute surcharges. It means, simply, that the price you agreed upon, during signing, is the price you will pay at the time of the event. And if the banquet hall you want to rent will not give you all inclusive pricing, politely refuse and move on to the next banquet hall on your list.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and we do things right, with ten floor plans, a moveable stage, outstanding audio and video equipment, and more than an acre of landscaped grounds.  Call us for your next banquet.  You will not be disappointed.