event center near me

What does it mean when you are looking for “rental banquet hall near me?”  Are you talking about banquet halls near me within the city you are located?  Are you talking about within a ten-mile radius? Twenty miles? Thirty miles?  How far will people drive to attend your banquet really is the question you need to be asking.

We are Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, serving all of Tarrant County, and we know a thing or two about rental banquet halls.  Read on and learn!

How important is the banquet?

This is an important question.  If your banquet is a yearly event looked forward to by hundreds in the particular industry, then those hundreds will be willing to drive an hour or more to attend the banquet.  This greatly expands your search for an event space rental for that banquet.  Having a banquet for a statewide group increases the distance people are willing to travel.  A banquet for the Texas Educators Association will have people traveling across the state to attend.  Still, it would be best to have that particular banquet closest to the majority of the educators, say near Dallas/Ft. Worth or Houston.

A smaller, less-important event should be much more centrally-located to insure that more people will attend.  A banquet for a Fort Worth Little League team should be close by.  A banquet for donors of a local community college should be within twenty minutes of Fort Worth.

Why is this important?

The further people are willing to drive, the more options you will have in your search for a large or small banquet halls, and the more options you have, the better your chance of finding a great price.

Tarrant County is thirty-nine square miles, or about four-by-ten miles in size.  Ten miles during peak traffic will take about thirty minutes max to drive, meaning Tarrant Events Center, located in Fort Worth, is no more than thirty minute drive no matter where you live in Tarrant County.

And that is a very reasonable distance no matter what kind of banquet or event you have.

What you can expect at Tarrant Events Center

You can expect the basics for any type of banquet you are having.  We have banquet tables and chairs for one-hundred people. We have auditorium seating for up to one-thirty-five.  We have indoor and outdoor space, immediate parking and overflow parking. We have a finished kitchen, six-fifty inch monitors, a 10,000 Watt sound system, and cordless microphones.

We have a list of food trucks we have found to be reliable.  We have a list of caterers we have dealt with. We can put you in touch with a DJ, and we can put you in touch with other local musicians.  We leave that all up to you, but we do have recommendations.

What we promise is a professional event hall rental at a very fair and reasonable price within easy driving distance for anyone living in Tarrant County.  What we promise is a locally owned and  operated event space which is here for you, manned with a staff who is dedicated to providing what you need at a price you can afford.

Remember the name: Tarrant Events Center at your service, the very best in rental banquet halls near you.