Conducting a search for small banquet halls begs an obvious question: how small is a small banquet hall?  Are we talking about a banquet hall which will serve twenty-five people, or are we talking about one which will serve two-hundred?  Amazon might think the 200 option is small, while a small company of twenty-five employees would consider that same event venue huge.

And Google can’t differentiate between the two when you are doing your Google search.

Confused?  Frustrated?  We can help.  We are Tarrant Event Center in Fort Worth, Texas.  Even if you don’t live in Fort Worth, what we have to tell you about our venue rental will apply to any city in which you reside.  Read on and then give us a call if you have questions about banquet halls near me.

What you get at Tarrant Event Center.

Tarrant Event Center can handle from 10-275 guests.  That is called flexible!  Venues in Fort Worth are comfortable at the Tarrant Event Center, as are small companies.  We have banquet seating for 100 guests, and auditorium seating for 135.  We have an indoor and outdoor venue rental space, both included in the rental price.  We have parking and we have overflow parking.  Among event hall rentals, we really are a venue rental for all occasion and almost all companies/groups.

The point is this:  We are a one-for-all event space.  We have one flat price no matter how many people attend your event, and that flat price is reasonable and consistent.  It does not gouge the big companies, and it is doable for the small companies.

No, we do not provide the following . . .

We don’t provide a caterer at Tarrant Event Center.  We do not provide music.  We do not provide a decorator or servers or a wait-staff. We provide the center, the chair, the tables, linens, microphones, video monitors, and a state-of-the-art sound system.  Big or small, you get the best in an event venue, and what you do with it from there on is your business.

Why is that important?

Because at Tarrant Event Center we are not into party planning, or banquet planning, or any other type of event planning.  We are not planners.  We are not chefs and we are not musicians.  We rent space, end of story, and we do it at a reasonable, competitive price.

You are the one with the vision.  You are the one with the budget, and you are the one with the creativity to make your banquet the banquet of your dreams.  We get out of your way, hand you the key, and say GO FOR IT!

And that’s what you should be looking for when looking at small banquet halls . . . the freedom to make your vision a reality!

Shop around!  If you live in a city of any size at all, you will have multiple options.  Find one like Tarrant Event Center.  Make sure the pricing is fair by calling several other banquet halls, and if that price is fair, sign on the dotted line of that event room rental.

Questions?  Give us a call. Tell us what you are planning and we will give you suggestions based upon our experience in the banquet hall rental industry.