renting a convention center

If renting a convention center is in your foreseeable future, this article should help answer the most common questions. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our affordable all-purpose event center. Call us today at 817-996-3636 for more information.

Now, let’s tackle those frequently asked questions about renting a convention center.

What does it cost to rent a convention center?

There is no easy answer to this question.  Our own Tarrant Events Center rents for between $2000-$3000 per event, depending upon the day of the week. That is fairly standard practice in this industry; weekend dates almost always cost more than weekday dates.

Our price is on the low end of average in this industry.  You can pay upwards of $10,000 for an event.  On the other end of the spectrum, it might be possible to find a convention center which will rent for as low as $500 per event, but that will be the rarity and not the norm.

When budgeting for an event, remember that the rental fee is only a small portion of the total expense picture. You will need to pay for food, for decorations, for entertainment, for insurance, for servers/aids, and a host of other small expenses which always seem to pop up when you least expect them.

How far in advance can you rent a convention center?

At Tarrant Events Center, we take reservation a full year in advance, and most reputable and successful event space rentals offer the same reservation policy. This is a great deal, by the way, one which can save you money if you take advantage of it.  Reserving a year in advance protects you against any price increases which may happen during that year, so it is financially advantageous to do so. In fact, if you hold an event which is held the same date, every year, it would be to your considerable advantage to reserve that date several years in advance, if that is allowed by the convention center you are dealing with.

What amenities (extras) are included in the rental package?

This is where matters get a bit confusing and tricky.  Not all event room rentals offer the same amenity package. Take Tarrant Events Center for example. Included in our event hall rental fee are ten floor plans to choose from, tables and chairs, a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms in addition to the main convention room, a moveable stage, multiple big screen video monitors, a professional sound system, and over an acre of landscaped grounds.  Trust us when we tell you that our amenity package is considerable compared to other establishments.

Our best advice: shop around.  You have a vision of what you want in a convention center. You have a budget.  Find the event hall rental which best merges your vision with their convention hall, and you’ll have a winner.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us and tell us what you need, and our dedicated staff will work closely with you to make your vision a reality.  And ask us about our all-inclusive pricing policy, a policy which will save you money.