the cost of party venues

Okay, you want to host a party, which means choosing from among the many party venues available to you.  Problem is, you know nothing about renting party venues, and that puts you at a distinct disadvantage before you even visit the first venue on your list.

Let’s try to cut through the confusion a bit with this article, and we will specifically talk, today, about the pricing of party venues.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our affordable and all-purpose event center. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our facility.

Let’s talk about rental prices.

Party venues rental prices . . . the range.

The prices we are about to mention are average figures looking at the industry as a whole.  It is entirely possible that lower prices exist, just as it is possible that higher prices exist.

Party space rentals cost anywhere from $500 to $5000 per event.  Again, we know, you might find a school auditorium in your city which will rent for $200, just as you might rent a major hall at Disneyland for $10,000, but we are simply talking about the average range in the U.S. for a decent party room rental.

Please remember this is simply the cost of renting a venue. It has nothing to do with the cost of entertainment, decorations, food, or drinks. Those are separate issues we have covered in previous articles and yes, those prices fluctuate greatly from city to city and approach to approach.

Do party venues prices ever fluctuate?

Here is the good news, so pay attention: party venue rental prices are not etched in stone.  For example, our own event center rents for between $2000-$3000 per event, depending upon the day of the week. This is a fairly standard approach to pricing in this industry.  Weekends are always higher demand and thus, you can expect weekend prices to be higher.

There is one other facet of this discussion we need to share. The time of the year may also affect prices.  The busiest time of the year for event room rentals is the holiday season.  The demand is quite high for quality party hall rental locations in December, so it is quite possible that you will see higher prices during that month.  Conversely, months like February are not in high demand, and this may lead to lower rental prices in some areas.

Plan ahead, save later.

What does this mean for you?  Planning ahead and choosing dates wisely may very well save you quite a bit of money.  For sure, there are some parties which can only be held on specific dates, and it would be silly to hold a company Christmas party in June.  However, events which are not date-specific, which can be held in any month, should be scheduled to take advantage of the lower rental costs.

More good news: quality party venues like our own Tarrant Events Center, will take reservations a full year in advance, which gives you the opportunity to act now and save later; in addition, scheduling a full year in advance will protect you against any rate increases which may happen within that year.

The early bird, in this instance, most definitely get the worm.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us and ask us about the ten floor plans you can choose from and also about our all-inclusive pricing policy.