event venue options vary

Party venues come in all shapes and sizes, and their rental costs are all over the cost spectrum, from ultra-cheap to uber-expensive.  If you are looking at party venues with a tight budget in mind, we have some suggestions which should help you.  We are Tarrant Events Center, one of the newest and certainly one of the best party room rentals in the Fort Worth Metro area. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about our party space rental. We have a leasing agent standing by to answer whatever questions you have.

Now, though, let’s talk about saving you some money on party venues.

The basic cost of renting any event center

The only rental cost for any event space rental that you will ever see in print is the rental cost.  The ads will say something like this: “Outstanding party venue, $1,500 per event, call now to make your reservation.” What that ad does not tell you is the total cost of hosting a party, and it certainly make no mention of hidden costs and surcharges which miraculously show up when it comes time to pay.

Party venues can range anywhere from $500 to $10,000, depending upon the area you live in.  Truthfully, in our opinion, the higher-end of that cost spectrum is a bit ridiculous and shamelessly overpriced, but that is just our opinion.  Costlier does not mean better in the event center business. It simply means an over-inflated opinion of oneself and one’s property.

Still, as long as people are willing to pay those over-inflated costs, those party venues will continue to charge those exorbitant prices.

The additional costs of renting party venues

Surprisingly, the rental cost of the event center just might be the lowest cost of planning a party.  Once you have a party venue, you then have to plan on entertainment, decorations, food, drinks, and set-up and take-down expenses.

If you have a tight budget, and you are interested in saving money (and this includes about 90% of people planning a party), you can save boatloads of cash by adopting a DIY attitude.

There is no law which says you have to hire a professional musician. Most event centers do not require you to hire a chef, or waiters, or a professional decorator.  You can literally save thousands of dollars by being creative and doing those things yourself with the aid of family and friends.

How to save money in this DIY world

Tarrant Events Center embraces the DIY spirit. We can give you a list of vendors we have worked with in the past. We are aware of professional musicians if that’s what you want. But we also encourage people to prepare the food themselves and then use our finishing kitchen to keep that food warm/fresh until it is needed. We know of professional party decorators/supplies, but we also urge people on a tight budget to arrive early and set-up/decorate themselves.

Our opinion: beware of those party venues which require you to use their chef/caterers, or require you to use their decorators.  Those situations almost always include inflated prices for something you can do yourself.

Demand all-inclusive pricing

No surprises and no hidden costs; that is what you get at Tarrant Events Center, and that is what you should demand from any party venue you rent.  The price stated on the rental contract should be the price you pay, period, end of discussion.  Sadly, there are some unscrupulous operators out there, conducting business in unsavory ways. Demand all-inclusive pricing!

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Maybe you have tons of money to spend on a party, and we say hooray for you if that is the case. But, if you are in the Fort Worth area, and you have a tight budget for a party, call Tarrant Events Center. Our leasing agent will work with you to make your event affordable and enjoyable.