reception venues money saving idea

Wedding reception venues are expensive.  There is no avoiding that truth, and we certainly won’t try to pull the wool over your eyes in this article with some slick marketing mumbo jumbo.  We will, however, give you a tip which we believe can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

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Now, though, let’s concentrate on saving you money.

The cost of reception venues.

Let’s get right down to it. Reception venues can cost anywhere from $500 per event to over $5000 per event, depending upon the date, the location, and a variety of other factors too numerous to mention in this article.  That price range is applicable no matter which city we are talking about.

The point which is important or this article is this: $500 can be very expensive for those in a lower income bracket, and other than the Top 1% of Americans, no matter what the reception venue costs, it will be a major expense for the family.  Who among you reading this would like to save between $500 and $5000?

The cost of reception venues plus wedding venues can be crippling.

But the reception is only part of the expense story.  Tack on another $500 to $5000 for the wedding venue. Then tack on another couple hundred, or a couple thousand, for decoration, for food, for entertainment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Can you say “crippling?”

It is estimated that the average cost of a wedding, in 2022, in the United States, was between $20,000 and $30,000.

Can you say “crippling?”

Again, only the Top 1% can read that information and not cringe.

We are happy to report that we have an idea, one which is guaranteed to save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

We have an idea, and we think you’ll like it.

Instead of renting an event hall rental for the wedding, and another event room rental for the reception, why not rent one event space rental for both events?  Why do people think the wedding needs to be in one place and the reception in another?  If you could find an event venue which had the capability, the capacity, and the flexibility to hold two events, on the same day, that would save some serious money.

We are talking about a wedding venues/reception venue like our own Tarrant Events Center.  We not only have the main event hall, but we also have two VIP rooms, a finishing kitchen, AND over an acre of landscaped grounds.  We are fully capable of providing space for an outdoor wedding and an indoor reception, or vice versa, and in doing so our customers are only paying for one venue.

The solution seems so simple we wonder why more event venues don’t have the capability.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

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