save money on reception halls rentals with this idea

Using this idea to save money on reception halls rentals is so simple, we are amazed more people don’t think of it.

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Now, though, let’s save you some money on a reception hall rental.

The traditional reception halls rental

Preparing for a wedding consists of numerous little items on the to-do list, making sure the caterer is on the same page as you, working with the decorator, finding the best musicians at a price you can afford, deciding on cutlery and dishware and on and on and on, but the two main decisions are always the location for the wedding, and the location for the reception.

Again, traditionally, the wedding is held at one location, and the reception is held at a different location.  Each one must be reserved, each one must be paid for, and those reservations will cost anywhere from $500 to $10,000, each!

Weddings are expensive!  If you have ever paid for a traditional wedding, you know this to be true.

And yet, we feel, there is a major savings available to everyone, and it is so obvious, we wonder why more couples don’t take advantage of it.

Why reinvent the wheel for reception venues?

Why not hold the wedding and the reception in the same event hall rental?  Why have separate venues?  Why pay double on the reservations when some event centers, like Tarrant Events Center, have the floor design, and the room, to easily hold both events?

At Tarrant Events Center, we have our main event room, but we also have over an acre of landscaped grounds included in the event room rental.  In other words, especially during the prime wedding months, when the weather is lovely, we have the capability of holding a wedding inside, and a reception outside or, if our client prefers, a wedding outside and a reception inside.  The rental is for the full day, so there is more than enough time to decorate two locations, especially since those two locations are actually one location.

And, the savings?  Instead of basically doubling the reservation fee, you only have one reservation fee at Tarrant Events Center.

Suddenly, weddings can be only half as expensive, if held at a wedding/reception venue like Tarrant Events Center.

Shop around!  No matter where you live, chances are you can find an event center which has the space, and the floor layout, to allow for both events, wedding and reception, to be held at one location, thus saving you, literally, thousands in reservation fees.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We didn’t reinvent the wheel at Tarrant Events Center, but we did improve it, with ten floor plans for our clients to choose from. We are locally owned and operated, and our goal is to make it work, no matter what “it” is.  Call us today. Reservations can be made a full year in advance.