the best of the Fort Worth small wedding venues

Shopping for a wedding venue is a stressful undertaking.  We understand. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our event center, and we deal with people, every single day, who are feeling the pressure inherent in finding the perfect wedding venue for their big event.

That is why, what we are about to share in this article, carries the weight of authenticity.  This is what we do.  This is what we are good at.  We provide a event space rental to people just like you, and we know what it takes to find the perfect wedding venue for your huge, life-changing event.

If you are in the Fort Worth area, call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our event hall rental.  Now, though, let’s talk about the very first thing you must do if you are shopping for a wedding venue.

Shopping for a wedding venue? Stop, take a deep breath, and do this . . .

If you have a computer, that operating system, for sure, has the capability to make a template.  If you don’t have a computer, you for sure have a piece of paper and a pencil.

We want you to avail yourself of either the computer, or that piece of paper, we want you to sit down with the other people in your life who are instrumental in this wedding, and we want you to make a list of the non-negotiables regarding wedding venues, those things which are absolutely necessary for you to achieve the “perfect wedding.”

What would those non-negotiables be?  Only you can answer that question, but they might include the following:

  • Seating for 300
  • Several VIP rooms in addition to the main event room rental
  • Ample parking
  • A kitchen
  • Lovely, landscaped grounds
  • A gorgeous view
  • Room enough for the wedding and the reception
  • Various floor plans from which to choose

Or, perhaps, that list of non-negotiables might include a price, the rental figure which is your absolute top-end figure, one you can afford without going into debt.

The list is yours to make.  A wedding is a very, very personal thing, so only you can decide what should be on that list, and nothing you put on that list should be considered silly or unreasonable.

Armed with that list, it’s time for find a wedding venue

We strongly suggest this all takes place a full-year in advance of the proposed wedding date.  Most reputable, affordable wedding venues will take reservations a full-year in advance, and you would be wise to avail yourself of that service.

Take your template, or your handwritten list, and start visiting the wedding venues in your area.  It will not take long to narrow that list.  Very few wedding venues, in any city, can offer everything on any list.  Still, that list will help you to keep track of the various amenities offered by the various wedding venues, thus making your choice that much easier.

And when you are done with that . . .

And, when the search has been completed, you look at your list, decide which wedding venue checked off the most items on your list, and that is the wedding venue best-suited to be the location for your big event.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and we offer a beautiful indoor venue as well as over an acre of landscaped grounds, making it possible for us to be either an indoor or outdoor wedding venue.

Call us today and arrange with our leasing agent for a tour of our facility.