small reception venues

Looking for small wedding venues near me begs this question: small as in the size of the venue, or small as in the size of your guest list?

If you are in a city of any size at all, like we are in Fort Worth, this one online search will net you literally dozens of options? So the question is this: how do you find the perfect one for a perfect wedding?

We can help! We are Tarrant Events Center, and affordable wedding venues is kind of our thing, as are small halls for rent, corporate event space rentals, party venue rental, and indoor or outdoor wedding venues. This is our business . . . this is our expertise . . . so read on and let’s get you into the wedding venue you want and deserve.

Steps to take in finding a wedding venue

Let’s list what we believe are the steps you should take in finding a venue:

  • Determine budget
  • List things you absolutely must have
  • Name a date
  • Narrow down list
  • Visit those on list
  • Seek out recommendations
  • Make the decision

A brief thought about each of those!

Determine budget

It’s not very sexy, but it is crucial.  You must determine how much you are willing to spend for a small wedding venue.  Rest assured, no matter what your budget is, there is a wedding venue available for that price. We can darn near guarantee that if you live in a populated area.

List must-haves

This list will be shorter than you might imagine if you are being perfectly honest with yourself. There are very few deal-breakers regarding must-haves for a wedding.  Do you have your mind set on indoor wedding venues or outdoor wedding venues? Did you want waterside, or mountains?  Did you want a quirky comic book wedding, or a formal wedding? This list should only include the absolute deal-breakers; it is not a wish-list for unlimited budgets for a wedding venue.

Name a date

This is standard: name a date, name it early, and be flexible with it.  Have several dates as options.

Narrow down list of possibilities

Once you have done those things, narrow your list down to the Top Ten. Any more than ten and your head will be spinning.  Save on Advil and just consider ten.

Visit them

Go visit each of the ten, and bring along a list of questions you want answers to. Don’t be shy. Those venue rentals are looking for your money.  If they want it badly enough, they will sit with you and answer as many questions as it takes to set your mind at ease and provide you with answers.


Ask each venue on your list for recommendations, and then follow-up and call those recommendations.  Nothing reaches the truth quicker than an unsolicited recommendation from a former client.  If there are skeletons in the closet, those skeletons will be exposed quickly if you seek out the recommendations.

Decision time

You have all the information you need.  Pull the trigger and make the decision. The sooner you do this, the easier the planning will go.

About Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  Small or large, we’ve got you covered for your wedding venue. Give us a call today and let’s make your vision become a reality.