Looking at small wedding venues can be a bit of a daunting task, and quite frankly, for many, it is discouraging.  That is because we all have a vision of our perfect wedding in a perfect setting, and actually finding that wedding venue, which matches our vision, is nearly impossible.

We can help!

Tarrant Events Center is the name, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, and if there is one thing we know, it is  “wedding ceremony venues.” Whether you are in Fort Worth or Bangor, Maine, you are going to want to read the information we have shared in this article.  It just might help you match your vision to reality.

What is your vision?

Forget about reality for a moment.  If you could imagine the perfect wedding venues DFW, what would they look like?  Is your main concern finding affordable wedding venues to choose from? Is your main concern finding indoor wedding venues or outdoor wedding venues?  Are you are afraid you won’t find local wedding venues, or you won’t find cheap wedding venues?

Push aside the concerns and simply imagine what perfection would look like.  Once you’ve done that, make a list of the features  which make up that perfect venue and then move on to our next step in the process.

Making it work in your budget

Most people dream big, but their budgets require some serious grounding in reality.  We are about to give you the first tip you must remember:  Usually the actual venue is rather inexpensive.  For example, Tarrant Events Center is what is known as a turnkey venue.  We provide the basics for your wedding in one reasonable pricing point.  We provide the space, the tables, the chairs, a quality sound system, WiFi, and video monitoring.  We can give you recommendations on caterers or food trucks or DJ’s, but we leave that to you because those amenities are where you can save money and make your small wedding venue very affordable.

Saving money on a wedding venue

As stated earlier, it is not the venue that will put a major dent in your budget, but rather the amenities.  At Tarrant Events Center, we highly suggest you negotiate with caterers and florists and bands/DJ’s. We highly suggest you plan your wedding during the off-season.  We suggest you look for alternative ways to provide your dream essentials, creative ways which will stand out as unique but may not be “traditional.”  There is money to be saved when planning a wedding, but if you sign a contract at a venue which provides all of the amenities, you are paying far too much for the venue.

To summarize:

  • Plan early
  • Rent the venue early
  • Only rent a turnkey venue
  • Negotiate with vendors, florists, caterers, etc
  • Look for creative solutions which do not cost as much as traditional

About Tarrant Events Center

  • Lots of paved parking, and plenty of overflow parking
  • From 10-275 guests
  • Banquet seating maximum 100 guests
  • Auditorium style seating max is 135 guests
  • Bar if needed (ask for tabc rules on serving liquor)
  • Wi-Fi available
  • A one acre treed lot for outdoor activities, includes picnic tables
  • Very competitive prices
  • Our prices include most everything you could need
  • Private venue
  • Cocktail tables and linens, or other tables and chairs as needed for different types of events
  • No charge for set-up access, one-hour before event
  • Easy to find at North Loop 820 and Hwy 377 (Denton Highway), 5230 Denton Highway.
  • 10,000 watt state of the art sound system, for your use
  • Your personal photo slideshow displayed on our (6) 50” large monitors throughout facility
  • Personalized message displayed on framed vertical monitors
  • Use a DJ or not (we can furnish a list)
  • Play your playlist, Spotify, or Pandora
  • Cordless microphones


Look for similar options in your area!  If you find them, jump on that site immediately.