small wedding venues

Are you looking at small wedding venues for your upcoming big event?  We are going to share with you, in this article, the three things we believe are crucial in finding an outstanding wedding venue.

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Flexibility of design is crucial in small wedding venues

We are going to use our own Tarrant Events Center as an example in discussing flexibility.

We have ten floor plans to choose from at Tarrant Events Center. We have a moveable stage. We have two VIP rooms in addition to the main wedding room.  We have a finishing kitchen for those who would like to prepare the food themselves.  We have multiple big-screen video monitors for easy access and easy viewing.

None of these things sound like game-changers, but add them all together and they equal multiple options for anyone planning a big event like a wedding.

Options are oh so nice to have in small wedding venues

One thing we did not mention in the above section about flexibility: we offer a full acre of landscaped grounds in addition to our indoor wedding venue. Why is that important?  It gives our clients the option of having the wedding and reception at the same location, thus saving money in not having to rent two venues.  It also allows for the option of having an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding, depending upon the weather.

Again, is this a game-changer? No, certainly not, but it is a lovely option which sets us apart from many events center, and it also means we are much more likely to match the vision our clients have for their events.  With weddings, with birthday parties, with corporate events, one size can fit all, but only if that “one size” is an event center which has options and flexibility like you will find at Tarrant Events Center.

Protect against last-minute hidden costs in wedding venues

Finally, let’s talk about cost.  There is no standard cost for a wedding venue rental.  You can find them for $500, and you can find them for $5000.  The local market will determine a fair price for an event room rental, so any discussion about that will be a waste of time here.  Rather, we want to talk about hidden costs. We want to talk about surcharges. We want to talk about shady pricing policies found, at times, in this industry.

At Tarrant Events Center, we offer all-inclusive pricing with every transaction. That simply says that the price we quote you at the time of reservation is the final price you will pay when the transaction is completed. There will be no hidden costs. There will be no surcharges. We are upfront about this cost matter, and our word is our bond.

And you should expect the same at any wedding venue you rent for your big event.  Insist on all-inclusive pricing!

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

If you are in the Fort Worth area, and you are looking for the very best in small wedding venues, your search should begin with a visit to Tarrant Events Center. We are locally owned and operated, and our reputation depends upon doing an outstanding job for you. Call us today. We take reservations a full-year in advance.