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We are going to come right out, at the beginning of this article, and tell you that we believe Tarrant Events Center is the best among the inexpensive wedding venues in Fort Worth!

How’s that for a bold statement?

And now we are going to tell you why. Read on and then call us for answers to any questions you might have and to arrange for a tour of our facility.

What makes us the best of the many wedding venues?

Making that claim, to be the best of the many affordable wedding venues, is meaningless without some facts to support it. We have the facts, broken down into three main categories:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Flexibility of cost
  • Locally owned and operated

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Flexibility of design

What do you find when you walk into most wedding ceremony venues?  You see a rectangular space, a stage of some sort at the far end, entrance at the other end, institutional in appearance, bland in reality.

Not so at Tarrant Events Center.

We have a moveable stage, and that stage can be small, or it can be enlarged, to meet your needs.

We have ten floor plans to meet your specific needs.

We have our indoor wedding venues format, but we also have over one-acre of landscaped outdoor space, giving you the flexibility of indoor wedding venue or outdoor wedding venues – or an indoor wedding venue and an outdoor wedding reception venue.

We have two VIP rooms separate from the main room.

We have a finishing kitchen for food preparation.

We have a choice of table types should you need them.

In other words, you have options at Tarrant Events Center, and not many event space rentals can make that claim.

Flexibility of cost

Rent for a half-day, or rent for a full-day. Our rental costs range from $850 per sessions to $2500 per session, giving your options to fit into your wedding budget.  Why rent for a full-day when you only need the event center for five hours?  And why pay full price for a wedding venue plus full price for a reception venue when you can have both for one price at Tarrant Events Center?

Locally owned and operated

We are not some big corporation headquartered in some far-away state. We are Texas born and bred, meaning your rental dollars will stay in the local economy.  We are your neighbors, and we believe in taking good care of our own.

Who would you rather have looking out for you, Texans or some CEO in Los Angeles?

The bottom line about Tarrant Events Center

We are new! We are motivated! We are hungry for your business, and that means we will work out tails off to make your wedding the thing of your dreams. Call us for details. Arrange for a tour.  Reservations can be made a full year in advance, and our all-inclusive pricing promise means no hidden fees or tacked-on costs during that year reservation.

Remember that name – Tarrant Events Center – the best among inexpensive wedding venues in the Fort Worth area.