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It’s a funny assumption most people make regarding the best wedding venues.  Most people assume that the more expensive a wedding venue is, the better it is, and that simply is not the case.  In fact, in many instances, you are paying for a name, and paying a steep price, when you are, in fact, receiving far less than you would have received from a less-expensive event room rental.

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Let’s face it, the most-expensive is not for most people

The most-expensive wedding venue in your area might cost $10,000 for your wedding, but we guarantee that price is not going to sit well for 99% of the populace in your area. Very few of us, during these tough economic times, can afford to lay down ten-grand for wedding ceremony venues.  Maybe the Bill Gates of this world don’t blink at ten-grand, but the most of us would love it if something a little less-expensive were available.

Are you paying for the name and reputation?

Here is a little Insider’s information for you: paying a steep price for a wedding venue, say ten-thousand or more, does not get you the best wedding venue. It only gets you a wedding venue which has a magical name, like say a local tourist site which is renowned.  Yes, it would be magical to be married under the Eiffel Tower, but is the Eiffel Tower the best wedding venue in Paris with regards to amenities, or is it just a popular site?

What are you really getting for that exorbitant price?

In other words, what is the bang for your buck?  If you are working with a tight budget, and you are a member of the Lower 99%, the site if only part of the equation.  The Eiffel Tower may sound great until a summer shower blows through, and suddenly The Tower seems like a horrible investment.

In our professional opinion, the best wedding venues are the one which offer a whole lot more for your dollar than just a popular name and a fancy facelift.  They are affordable wedding venues with character.

What you should really be looking for in a best wedding venue

For the average citizen, the ones with a fixed budget and a practical mindset, functionality and flexibility are the keys to finding a great event space rental.

Outdoor wedding venues are nice until Mother Nature says no to the proceedings, at which point you’ll want a wedding venue which also offers an indoor alternative.  A wedding venue with a fixed floor plan is the norm, but wouldn’t it be nice to rent an event room rental, like Tarrant Events Center, with ten floor plans to choose from?

These are just two examples of how functionality and flexibility can play a large part in making your wedding a success, and you won’t have to pay $10,000 for the room rental.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, and we believe we offer one of the most flexible, inexpensive wedding venues in all of Fort Worth, at a price which is certainly competitive and fair. Call us and arrange for a tour of our facility.  At that point, we can answer any questions you may have . . . and make sure you ask us about our all inclusive pricing, a feature you should demand no matter which wedding venue you finally decide upon.