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If you are preparing to begin searching for the best wedding venues available to you, this article should be helpful for you.  We are going to debunk a few myths about the wedding venue industry, and give you some tips in finding the best wedding venue for your special event.

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Now, on to a discussion about wedding venues.

Don’t believe the marketing hype about the best wedding venues

Fancy, expensive wedding venues spend great amounts of money on advertising. They produce magnificent videos showing the beauty of their venue. The play, quite frankly, to the desires of their potential customers, making the wedding scene appear to be Wonderland, what every customer silently lusts for.  What they don’t show you is the final cost of renting Wonderland, or the secondary costs involved with renting a Dream.

It is our contention that bigger and flashier is not always better, especially when you consider the costs involved.  Any capable film company can make a spectacular marketing video and make practically any wedding venue seem like the Taj Mahal; don’t fall for the hype.

Find the best wedding venues capable of fitting your dream/vision

Begin your search of wedding venues with a game plan.  Write down everything you consider important for your dream wedding (and reception).  Break it all down to the basics, from the physical appearance of your dream wedding venue, to the nitpicky stuff like the type of reception seating at the reception venues and the type of decorations you will have.

Make a template if you are computer-savvy.  Use that template as a checklist as you go in search of a venue rental.  There are so many wedding venues to see, from the inexpensive wedding venues to the uber-rich wedding venues, and they all offer certain advantages, and disadvantages, in their rental package. A “shopping template” will help you in keeping all the facts straight during your search.

Stay within your budget when renting wedding venues

Don’t break the bank in paying for a wedding venue. It is not necessary. With a little creativity in the handling of secondary costs, like decorations, food, and reception entertainment, you can keep within your budget.

Bigger/flashier wedding venues are not always the best wedding venues

It may seem like renting a place like Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas would make for a great wedding venue, but bigger comes with its own set of problems, and place like The Palace have their own set of rental rules you must live by. In other words, you may lose too much decision-making power by renting bigger/flashier.

What this all boils down to is this: keep an open mind as you look at wedding venues.  The more creative control you keep, and the more flexibility in design you are allowed by the wedding venue management team, the better your chance to achieve that dream of yours and have the “perfect” wedding.

Begin your search a full-year in advance.  Most reputable wedding venues will take reservations a year in advance, so get out there, with your template checklist, and begin your search.

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