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The good news regarding the search for an event hall rental: there are many to choose from in any city of decent size.  The bad news: it is easy to make the following mistakes when going about your search and rental of an event space rental.

Read on and we will help you to avoid the pitfalls mentioned in this article.  We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information about our quality event hall rental in Fort Worth.

Beware of hidden costs

What will you be paying for an event room rental?  Do a Google search of various websites, and you will find statements like “Event Center Rental: $1,000 Per Event.”

But is that really the total cost you will pay?  Or is that price only telling part of the story regarding cost?

At Tarrant Events Center, we offer what is called all-inclusive pricing, meaning there are no hidden costs. The cost you see on the rental contract, signed weeks or months in advance of your event, is the cost you will pay when the event occurs. We will not come up to you the day of the event and tell you there is an additional $200 you owe for some hidden fee we failed to mention.

Get it in writing and get a commitment!

Know exactly what is included in the rental fee

We do not mention something like this because we believe there are many unscrupulous rental companies out there, but we do believe there are contracts which must be read carefully so that misunderstandings don’t occur.

We have seen event centers which charge for food preparation. We have seen them charge for parking attendants, and we have seen them charge for set-up and take-down, even though all they did was unlock the doors and turn on the lights.

Your best approach, the what we believe is the best opportunity, involves a flat rental fee for the event center, period, end of story.  All other matters, from food to entertainment to decorations, can be arranged by you, which is the next item on our list.

Don’t take the easy way out if you are on a budget

We know of an event room rental which charges a surcharge for recommending vendors for an event, and you, the customer, must choose from that list. We know the same thing is done regarding decorations and entertainment.

If you plan on having food; if you plan on having decorations and entertainment; and if you plan on having someone help you to set-up and take-down; arrange for all of those things yourself.  You be your agent.  You negotiate for the best price.  You do not need the event center management team charging you a middle-man fee for those services.  This is so very important if you are on a tight budget.  Don’t pay for services you can do.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are a locally owned and operated event room rental, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, offering all-inclusive pricing, a beautiful event venue, over one-acre of landscaped grounds, ten floor plans to choose from, and outstanding audio and video equipment. Call us for more details if you are in the Fort Worth area.