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Ask anyone who is married to name three of the most important dates in their lives, and their wedding will be on that list.  That is why shopping for wedding venues and wedding reception venues is such a big deal for people.  We want our wedding to be perfect. We want our wedding reception to be memorable.  Finding the right venues for both is crucial in order to have beautiful, lasting memories.

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Fort Worth Metro area, and in this article we will be talking about three things to look for in wedding reception venues. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and answers to any questions you might have.

Three things to be aware of in wedding reception venues

Let’s take a close look at these three wedding reception issues:

  • Indoor/outdoor capabilities
  • Flexibility in design of the event center
  • All-inclusive pricing

Indoor/outdoor capabilities

Many people reserve an outdoor reception area, only to wish they had gone indoors when the weather turns bad on the important event.

Many people reserve an indoor reception area, only to wish they had an outdoor area for strolling and/or photos.

The smart people find look at wedding reception venues which have indoor/outdoor options.

For example, Tarrant Events Center has the standard indoor event hall rental, but we also have over one-acre of landscaped grounds, which gives the wedding party any number of options when the big day arrives.

Flexibility in design of the event hall rental

Tarrant Events Center has ten floor plans to choose from. We have two different table styles to choose from. We have a moveable stage which can be small or large.  And we have the aforementioned indoor/outdoor areas. All of this adds up to a flexibility which our customers greatly appreciate.

No matter where you are located, flexibility is the key for any wedding venue/wedding reception venue.  Look for as many options as possible when you are out shopping for venues.

All-inclusive pricing

What is all inclusive pricing? It means there are no hidden costs in the transaction. It means that the price you are quoted when you sign your agreement is the price you will pay months later when the event occurs.  It means no fine print in the rental contract which would lead to extra charges down the road.

It means Tarrant Events Center! We do not believe in surprises, unless they are of the good variety. The price we quote is the price that is paid, even if you reserve our event center a full year in advance.

And that is called peace of mind!

A word about Tarrant Events Center

We are the “new kid on the block” with regards to Fort Worth wedding ceremony venues, and that means we have a lot to prove to Fort Worth residents. We are locally owned and operated, and that means we are helping our neighbors with their events and providing great memories for them.

Call us the next time you have a major event which needs an event hall rental. We will deliver on your vision and your dreams.