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This discussion, about what to look for in summer wedding venues, might surprise you.  We will not be talking about price, nor will we be talking about amenities offered in the rental package. Instead, we will be talking about something you, the customer, have absolutely no control over.  We are talking about the weather, and what to look for, regarding summer wedding venues, to give you peace of mind regarding the weather.

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And now, a talk about the weather where you live, and how it should be a major consideration when looking at summer wedding venues.

Summertime is a sweet time for a wedding

There are reasons why the largest percentage of weddings, around the world, happen during June or September: the temperatures are usually mild, flowers are in bloom, and it is just a magical time of the year.  Over half the marriages in the world happen during those two months of the year.  Love is truly in the air in June and September, and the reasons are logical . . . but . . . wedding venues are reserved six-to-twelve months in advance, which raises a problem: there is no way to predict the weather for a particular day, that far in advance.

Until Mother Nature rears her ugly side

Many a wedding has been washed out, or blown away, by an unpredictable summer storm.  You can reserve the loveliest, most sought-after wedding venue in your area.  You can plan the ceremony down to the finest detail, you can bring in outstanding entertainment, you can hire the area’s best caterer, and you can reserve the prettiest setting, and none of that will save the day if a rare summers storm blows through on the important day.  The food will get wet, the tents will blow away or collapse, and the wedding dresses will be drenched and ruined.

Not a particularly great way for a couple to start a new life together; memorable, for sure, but not in a good way.

You need options to cover all the possibilities in wedding venues

The only way to avoid the horror of horrors a summer rainstorm would cause is to rent a wedding venue which has both an indoor, and outdoor, option, a place like Tarrant Events Center.  At Tarrant Events Center, we not only have a classic indoor venue, complete with two VIP rooms and a finishing kitchen, but we also have over an acre of landscaped grounds.  That way, when you reserve our facility, you have the option of planning for an outdoor, summer wedding, but you can also move that wedding indoors if the weather turns ugly.  You have, in point of fact, two options for the price of one venue rental.  You also have the perfect solution for saving money on a reception venue.  Hold both the wedding, and reception, at the same venue, as so often happens at Tarrant Events Center.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

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