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When we are talking about looking at a banquet hall for rent, the old saying “one size fits all” does not apply.  And we would add one more addendum to that old saying, that being “one design does not fit all.”

Every banquet has its own personality, vision, and unique set of needs, and that is what we want to discuss today in this article. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our outstanding event center/banquet hall. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information if you are in the Fort Worth Metro area and doing a “banquet halls near me” search on Google.

Every banquet has unique needs

We have seen banquets with fifty people in attendance, and we have seen banquets with three-hundred people in attendance.  We have seen banquets with themes guiding their way, and we have seen straight-up, sit down banquets which were straight-forward, all business in nature.

We have seen banquets with strict dietary needs. We have seen banquets with professional entertainment.  We have seen them with unique decorations, and we have seen the simplistic approach with flowers on the tables and that is all.

Now, consider this: an event center/banquet hall has, in almost all cases, a fixed design upon construction.  It is either square or rectangular in shape. It most likely has an entry hall, a main event hall, and some sort of kitchen. It has rest rooms and it may, or may not, have extra rooms for side-events or displays.

In 99% of the banquet halls we have seen, tables and chairs are arranged in a pre-set configuration, with a stage at one of the far ends of the event space rental.  And, in 99% of the cases, your vision for your banquet finds a way to fit into the structure of the existing event room rental.

However, there are a few banquet halls, sprinkled within most major cities, banquet halls like Tarrant Events Center, which offer a solution to the unique needs of the customer.

To combat those needs, flexibility is needed

Using Tarrant Events Center as an example, we offer ten floor plans/designs for our customers to choose from.  Depending upon your design-choice, you can have an intimate affair with fifty people, or a larger, less-intimate feel with several hundred in attendance.

We offer a moveable stage. We offer ten, large LED video screens so everyone in attendance has a great view of the proceedings.  We are a BYOB and BYOF establishment, giving our customers the options for food, with a finishing kitchen to keep that food warm and fresh until it is needed.  And, a truly unique feature, we offer an acre+ of landscaped grounds so that outdoor activities can take place in addition to the indoor banquet, offering yet more options as our customers try to create their vision.

Why paying more may not provide solutions

Erase from your mind the fallacy that paying more means more options and solutions. It is simply not true.  At Tarrant Events Center, our all-inclusive pricing package means a banquet hall rental for $3,000 or less, depending upon day and time, which is considerably less than some of the larger venues in Fort Worth which charge more for fewer options and less flexibility.

Our final word of advice: do your homework. Call around to several banquet halls. Go see several banquet halls. Try to envision your banquet in each hall, and ask the property manager about their flexibility and willingness to work with you to create the vision you have.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

We are locally owned and operated, nearly brand new, and we are determined to become the premier events center in Fort Worth.  Our determination means you will be working with a rental management team eager to make your vision a reality. Call us today and let’s get to work on that vision.