do not delay in renting an event venue

This article, about renting an event venue, covers one facet of the procedure which is often overlooked. It is our contention that overlooking this important point can not only cost you money but can also lead to you settling for second best.

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Now, let’s talk about how time is money in this event venue industry.

Early event venue reservations can save you money.

Let’s run an example/scenario by you. Let’s say that each year, your company has a holiday party on December 20th, without fail. That date is etched in the memory of every employee, and it is always looked forward to as a major event.

Let’s also say you have a set budget for that party, and you are the person in charge of planning/preparing for the party.

Finally, let’s say you pay $2500 for this year’s party, and you budget for the same price for next year’s party.  You begin your planning after the first of the year, patting yourself on the back for calling to reserve the event hall rental early in the new year, on January 15th . . . and you are surprised to learn that the same rental, on your preferred date, will not cost $3500 due to a price increase.

A price increase, by the way, you could have avoided had you made your reservation on December 21st, a full year in advance.

To avoid those price increases, and they happen without warning in most cases, you need to reserve your site a full year in advance, thus grandfathering in before the inevitable price increase.

Early event venue reservations give you more time to plan and prepare.

Planning an event of any sort, and executing an event, is hard work, is detailed work, and is stressful work.  Many an event planner wishes they had just one more day to prepare.

Give yourself the maximum amount of preparation time by making the reservation as soon as is allowed by the rental agency. This gives you the maximum time to plan for food, decorations, entertainment, decide upon the best floor plan, find vendors, if necessary, organize a committee to help you, and iron out the myriad of details which will always be there.

Final tip: insist upon all-inclusive pricing.

One final tip, completely separate from early reservations, but important nonetheless.  Insist upon the pricing policy we offer at Tarrant Events Center: all inclusive pricing. This simply means there are no hidden fees, no last-minute surcharges . . . it means that you pay what you agreed upon when you reserved the event space rental.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, we take reservations for our event room rental a full year in advance, and we insist upon all inclusive pricing. Call us today and be treated with outstanding customer service and respect.