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A word or two about local wedding venues:  The key to saving money is in remembering one word . .  . turnkey!

This message about savings is coming to you from Tarrant Events Center, the premier Fort Worth affordable wedding venues, available to all in Tarrant County, Texas.  If you are looking for a quality inexpensive wedding venues, and you are located in Fort Worth, Irving, Watauga, North Richland Hills, or any of a dozen other towns and cities in Tarrant County, you owe it to yourself to visit Tarrant Event Center, the king of wedding venues Fort Worth.

What is a turnkey venue rental?

The term “turnkey” originally meant a location which is ready for immediate use. The customer simply needed to “turn the key,” unlock the door, and walk into a fully-furnished, liveable space.

The same term can apply to wedding venues.  In the wedding venue business, there are basically two types of wedding venues, specialty and turnkey.  Let’s talk about both.

Specialty wedding venues

You have all seen a unique wedding venues.  Go to Las Vegas and you will see dozens of “wedding chapels.”  Weddings are a big business in that city because the licensing process is so easy and streamlined.

But there are other such wedding venues across the United States, venues whose sole purpose is to host a wedding. They are decorated for weddings, decorated in such a way that no other event could be held in that venue.  Lovely spots, most of them, but the problem is in the cost.  You pay for all that decoration, and all too often you also pay for the “added items,” namely catering provided, a bar provided, and even, at times, entertainment provided.  Again, this is a lovely way to go, but it is also quite expensive.

Turnkey wedding venues

And then we have the turnkey wedding venues like Tarrant Events Center.  At such venues, you are provided with the basics with which to hold an event. Tables, chairs, linens, audio equipment, WiFi, video equipment, cordless mikes, all are there and ready for use  The price of rental is reasonable because, simply, there are no extras included in the price, extras  like entertainment, food, and/or drink.

But wait, you say!  Every wedding needs amenities!

Maybe yes, maybe no . . . it could be argued that the amenities are usually saved for the reception at a reception venue, but if you want them at the wedding, you are free to negotiate with vendors for the best price, thus, again, saving money.

Sum it up

So there are your two options.  To save money, it is our experience a couple should look at turnkey venues and then negotiate for any extras.  Places like Tarrant Events Center will even have suggestions for vendors they have worked with in the past if that’s the route you want to take.

Finding local wedding venues is not difficult. Finding the venue which perfectly matches your dream,  and fits in your budget, is a bit tougher.  We can help!  Tarrant Events Center makes dreams come true, and we would love to work with you.  Call us and let’s do this thing!