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How’s that for simplifying the event center rental contract?  Let’s just talk about one thing, and one thing alone, in this article, one thing every single event hall rental contract should include but few do.

Are you curious?  And we might add this goes for party venue rentals, wedding venues, reception venues, any type of event space rental you can imagine . . . this one thing is crucial, and you must be aware of it before you sign a contract.

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What most people don’t realize about the event center rental industry

It seems like such a simple point, and it is obvious to us simply because this is how we make a living, but not all event centers are the same, and not all rental contracts are the same.  Every single event center management firm has their own way of doing business, and each has unique stipulations in their contracts which reflect their approach to business.

Every one of them has their own reservation period, their own way of handling entertainment, catering, decorations, set-up and take-down grace periods, and other incidentals they are willing to provide, allow, or not allow.  It is vitally important that you make a detailed list of things you need for your event, a checklist if you will, and then set up some sort of checklist to use as you visit the various event centers in your area.

But, that’s not what we want to talk about in this article.

What we won’t talk about in this article

Nor do we want to talk about the cost of event room rentals, or the floor plans, or how many rooms they have or the flexibility of management and their willingness to work with you to shape their rental space to meet your needs.  Again, they are all different and again, you will need to sort through them all and find the perfect fit.

Save money and headaches by demanding this one item

Setting all that aside, the one thing you must insist upon, a game-changer as far as we are concerned, is to insist upon all-inclusive pricing.  In other words, insist upon a rental price quote which includes everything.  There must be no hidden fees. There must be no surcharges. There must be no last-minute add-ons to the price.  We can’t begin to tell you the number of renters/clients, working with our competition in Fort Worth, who have found, at the last minute, that their event center rental is going to cost them hundreds more than what they thought it would cost them, and without all inclusive pricing, any client is subject to that possible nightmare scenario.

Hidden fees are, unfortunately, a very common business practice in this business, but being aware of that fact will protect you as you begin your search.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is locally-owned and operated, one of the newest event centers in all of Tarrant County, and because we are new, we work harder to gain your trust. Call us for more information about our outstanding event center.  Our friendly staff/leasing agents are here to help you to make your event the absolute best it can be.