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When we tell you that an event space rental is only as good as its design, we are speaking from experience. We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth area with our outstanding all-purpose event center. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information.

Now, let’s talk about design.

One event space rental is not as good as the next.

Here is a truth worth mentioning for this discussion: no two events are the same.  A wedding is not a company party is not a birthday party is not a Quinceanera.  Taking it one step further, no two weddings are the same, no two birthday parties are the same, and no two company parties are the same.

And yet, all events are expected to magically “fit” in a rigid event room rental which offers the exact same thing to every paying customer.

Are you beginning to see the problem with an event space rental?

An event space rental must be able to meet many needs.

It follows, logically, that in order that an event hall rental really be outstanding, it must be able to meet the needs of many people and be able to accommodate so many different types of events.

This, obviously, presents a problem. An event center is a rigid building.  You cannot magically create an extra room.  You cannot magically knock out a wall and make more dining space.

Traditionally, then, what has happened, what had to happen, was that the clients had to adjust their approach to their event. They had to adjust their vision of what their event would look like based on what the event hall rental had to offer them.

And we think that is a very poor approach!

Flexibility in design is the key.

As we designed our very own Tarrant Events Center, we took this all into account, and we created a building which was flexible in design, able to be many things for many different needs.

And how did we do that?

Tarrant Events Center has ten different floorplans/configurations, allowing our clients some flexibility when planning their event. We have a moveable stage and wireless microphones, meaning more flexibility. We have multiple big screen monitors throughout, allowing for excellent sight lines no matter where people are in the building. We have two extra VIP rooms in addition to the main event room. We have over one-acre of landscaped grounds, meaning our clients can utilize the outside as well as the inside. And we have a finishing kitchen, allowing for more options when it comes to food preparation or food catering.

Add it all together and you find a design which allows for many clients with differing needs, and that, friends, is what an event space rental should be.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated.  We are Texans helping Texans, which means we are providing a space for people we shop next to, people we wave on the street, people we go to church with, work with, well, neighbors of ours.  And that simply means we will go the extra mile to make sure we provide the most flexible, all-purpose event center possible.

Call us today and we will arrange for a tour.