event venue

Are you limiting your options by simply looking for ballrooms for rent?

You have many more options if you simply change your search query to “event space rental.”

So sayeth the folks at Tarrant Events Center in Fort Worth, Texas, and perhaps you don’t live in Fort Worth, but what we have to say in this article is applicable in all major cities across the United States regarding affordable party venues.

Read on and then give us a call if you need clarification.

Supply and Demand of venue rental

One of the basic tenants of the law of Supply and Demand is this:  the greater the supply of a product or a service, the lower the price will be. Put another way, competition drives the price of something down under normal circumstances.

Let’s put that in practical terms for you to better understand.

If the city you live in has five ballrooms for rent, and nothing more, the price for renting those ballrooms will be fairly established across the board . . . $1,000 per night, $1,500 per night, or whatever the pricing case may be.

If, however, in that same city there are ten event centers, all capable of handling a “dance,” you most likely will see a greater fluctuation in price, say from $500 per night to $1,000 per night.

Which leads to this question: what do you really need in a ballroom for rent or event room rental?

Requirements for a ballroom for rent

A list of ballroom requirements would include the following:

  • Ample room for the attendees to dance
  • Seating for those resting
  • A quality sound system
  • Ample parking

Amenities which would be nice but not crucial:

  • A stage for the live musicians
  • A separate room for food and/or bar
  • An outdoor area for those who want to take a break in the fresh air

Looking at those lists, all of which are available at Tarrant Events Center, it should become obvious fairly quickly that all would be found in a party venue rental, an event hall rental, a wedding venue, reception venues, or any other type of event venue in your city, and that kind of flexibility, and those kinds of numbers, mean you will have greater options to choose from and better prices to choose from.

Which means you hit the jackpot in your “ballrooms for rent” search.

Our recommendations

These, then, are our recommendations to anyone looking for a ballroom for rent:

  • Begin your search at least a year in advance
  • Look at all available event centers
  • Only pay for the venue; you can negotiate for other amenities like food and drink

And for those who have very few options and a limited budget, we recommend looking at doing most of the work yourself. Do not hire anyone to take down/set up; do not hire big-name musicians; provide whatever food is needed yourself; and cut back costs wherever possible.

If you don’t want to provide the food, we have found food trucks to be the least expensive option.  If you want a caterer, or you want to prepare food yourself, we have a finished kitchen for that option.  Our very reasonable price for a turnkey ballroom allows you to wheel and deal for the best price on those other amenities.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to call us at Tarrant Events Center, and if you live in the Greater Fort Worth area, be sure to call us and hear what we have to say about the event you want to organize.