event center near me

If you are in the Fort Worth area, and you are searching for cheap banquet halls near me, the smartest choice you can make is Tarrant Events Center.

We know because we manage Tarrant Events Center, because we know the market for cheap halls for rent, and because, quite frankly, we won’t lie to you.

Read on about Tarrant Events Center with the understanding that what we tell you in this article will apply in any city you live in across the good old United States of America.

Don’t get hung up on “banquet halls.”

Here’s your first lesson when looking to rent a venue rental for a banquet:  any event space rental will do as long as you have tables, chairs, and food.  Put another way, an empty room can be a banquet hall, or it can be a reception hall or birthday venue or wedding venue.  Four walls is basically all you need to turn any empty space into a banquet hall.

Why is this important?  Because often you will pay extra for the words “banquet hall.”  It may sound ridiculous but it is true.  There is different pricing depending on the type of venue you are looking for.

But not so with Tarrant Events Center; we purposely called our venue an “event center” because it is capable of hosting any type of event.  Consider the amenities we provide with our turnkey venue:

  • Space for 50-300 people
  • Banquet tables
  • Chairs
  • Indoor and outdoor space
  • 10,000 watt sound system
  • Prep kitchen
  • Six 50” monitors
  • WiFi

In other words, we provide the basics for any event you may want to hold, and that means we can charge a very reasonable fee for an all-event venue.  We do not aim to gouge customers by calling our venue a banquet hall.  We are simply a hall with a simple fee.

Are you interested in saving money on a small banquet hall?

Besides the cost of the hall, your other main cost is the cost of the extras i.e. the food, the bar, the entertainment, and the decorations.

Do you want to save money? There are many ways to do that.  Instead of having a caterer, we recommend you contract with food trucks like we recommend at Tarrant Events Center.  Instead of hiring a professional decorator, we recommend you do the decorating yourself.  Instead of having a live band for music, we recommend you hire a  DJ.  We could go on and on, but the main point is this: you can save serious money by being creative in your approach to this banquet you are planning.

One final word about cheap banquet halls near me

How far will your attendees travel for your banquet?  You want your event convenient for your attendees.  Is twenty miles too far?  Tarrant Events Center is centrally-located so that we appeal to anyone living in Tarrant County, Texas.  Keep that in mind when you are looking at banquet halls in your city.

Cheap banquet halls near you are available, but you might have to be creative to find your best deal.  In Tarrant County, Tarrant Events Center is THE best deal by far!

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