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Our apologies for the title of this article, cheap event venues; we didn’t coin that phrase.  It happens to be one of the more popular Google searches related to a venue rental or an event space rental.  People are always looking to save money, and for good reason: money is tight and there is not a lot of disposable income floating around.  Even in business, budgets are tight, so looking for cheap event venues is a pretty common undertaking in today’s business world.

We can help with this cheap event venues search.

We are Tarrant Events Center, one of the newest and most efficient and affordable party venues in the Fort Worth area. If it’s “cheap halls for rent” you want, we can point you in the right direction.

Location matters in the cost

Booking a venue rental in the better part of town might seem like a good idea, but you will pay for that better part of town.  It’s just basic economics, folks.  High-end real estate draws high-end fees.  But what if you moved your event a few miles outside of town? Would the attendees really care if they had to drive an extra two or three miles?  Those two or three miles just might save you beaucoup dollars, so consider it.

Watch out for catering

Catering is expensive.  Food trucks are not as expensive. Doing it yourself is the least expensive.

Those are your choices when looking for cheap banquet halls.

At Tarrant Events Center we leave the food decisions up to you. We can suggest caterers and food trucks we have dealt with in the past, but the final decision is yours. Find the best path for you which fits into your budget.


Never be afraid to negotiate.  Negotiate with the event hall venue, negotiate with the food vendors, and negotiate with the entertainment providers.  You may not win every negotiation, but you will win a few, and those few will save you money.

Be flexible with off-season booking

Planning a wedding for June is a bad move if you are looking for inexpensive wedding venues.  June is a peak month for weddings, so naturally you will pay top dollar in June.  Be flexible, find out what is the peak season, and plan for another time.  You will increase your chances for a better price.

Shop around

We advise you begin your planning at least one year in advance, and that will give you adequate time to shop around for the best price for cheap halls for rent.  Those who do not start early severely limit their options regarding cost.

Bottom line

The bottom line is a simple one:  the earlier you begin planning, and the more flexible and creative you are, the better the chance you will find the cheap event venue you seek.  Put another way, the early bird definitely will get the worm!

About Tarrant Events Center

We are an event venue for all manner of events, and as one of the newest event venues in the Fort Worth area, we are eager to dazzle you with our skills and professionalism.  Give us a call and let’s put you in the venue you want and deserve for your event.