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Any search for a convention center in North Richland Hills should include a thorough search for a convention center Fort Worth, and that search will include Tarrant Events Center, centrally located in Fort Worth, the newest and most accommodating event hall rental in all of Tarrant County.

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Don’t get hung up on a particular city

North Richland Hills, Fort Worth, Haltom City, they are all within fifteen minutes of each other. The point being this: a fifteen-minute drive is well worth it if it means finding the convention center which will work for your vision and your event.

We believe Tarrant Events Center is that event space rental.

What we offer that other convention centers do not

In a word, Tarrant Events Center offers flexibility.

We have ten floor plans for you to choose from – TEN!  Most convention centers have one.

We have a moveable stage. We have two VIP rooms separate from the main floor. We have a finishing kitchen. We have over one-acre of landscaped grounds for your attendees to get outside and take a break.  We have a brand-new facility which sparkles and offers an industrial-style atmosphere oozing elegance.  We have ample parking plus overflow parking.

We have our Fort Worth location, within easy driving distance of all corners of Tarrant County.

We have half-day and full-day rentals, a fairly unique feature, meaning you only pay for a half-day if your convention is five hours or less in duration. We don’t believe in over-charging; we don’t believe in price-gouging.

And we offer all-inclusive pricing, which means there are no hidden fees.  Sign a contract in April, have your convention the following March, and the price is the same, unique among North Richland Hills event space rental sites.

And we have one more compelling reason to rent from us . . .

We are locally owned and operated!  We are not owned by some faceless corporation in Los Angeles or New York.  We are owned by a local businessman who owns over a dozen other businesses in Tarrant County.  Our staff is comprised of Tarrant County residents.  The money we make stays in the Fort Worth economy.  And we treat you like neighbors because, well, you are!

What we do not offer

We do not arrange for entertainment. We do not arrange for food or drinks. We do not arrange for decorations.  And there’s a reason why we don’t do those things . . . actually two reasons . . . it would cost you more if we did those things, and you can get exactly what you want if you do them.

When you negotiate with entertainers, food providers, and decorating companies, you save money.  When you do the planning and the set-up, you achieve the vision you want.  It’s as simple as that.  We give you an empty room, and you create the vision and, in the process, you save money.

The name to remember is Tarrant Events Center, whether you are looking for a convention center in Fort Worth or a convention center in North Richland Hills.  A fifteen-minute drive is a small inconvenience for the quality you will find at our topnotch event center.