birthday party places

Realistically speaking, any location or venue would fall under the heading “Fort Worth birthday party places.”

You can have a party practically anywhere, right?  You need an indoor, or outdoor, location.  You need food and drinks.  At its most basic, those are the only two requirements for birthday party venues.  We mention this because we don’t want you limiting your options when looking at birthday venues.  Allow your imagination to guide you on that search.

We are Tarrant Events Center, located at 5230 Denton Highway in Fort Worth, one of the newest birthday party venues in the Fort Worth/Tarrant County area.  We are not cheap, but we are also not extravagant nor priced out of reason.  Call us for all the information about our luxurious birthday party rental space.

Half-day or full-day

Here’s one option you have to save some money on your venue rental: rent for the half-day.  Not all birthday venues give you that option, but at Tarrant Events Center you do have that option.  Half-days are 8-3 or 5-11, and full days are 8-11.  The difference in pricing can save you from $500-$1000, so give this some consideration.

Do it yourself

We cannot overstate this fact: you can save considerable money, when planning a birthday party and renting adult birthday party place, or kids birthday party places, if you do all of the preparation yourself. Some party venues will require you to hire their decorators. Some will require you to use their cooking staff and their clean-up staff. We do not do that at Tarrant Events Center.  We give you an empty birthday venue complete with a working kitchen and room for a bar. We invite you to come in, decorate yourself, and arrange for food preparation yourself.  You can arrange for music or entertainment on your own.  You don’t need us to do that, and by doing it yourself you will save a great amount of money in the process.

We do offer guidance

This is what we do.  Yes, we rent a birthday venue and yes, we recommend that you do the decorating and food preparation and entertainment on your own, but we do have talented people we have worked with who we can recommend. We can recommend food trucks. We know chefs. We have a list of music groups we have a relationship with.  It’s completely up to you. Consider Tarrant Events Center as your blank canvas.  How you paint the picture is entirely your choice.

Here’s what we offer at Tarrant Events Center

We have our luxurious indoor party venue to offer. We also have an acre of landscaped grounds surrounding our venue so your party can spill outside if you prefer. We have an industrial kitchen for food preparation, an area for a full-bar, and a movable stage. We can accommodate up to 300 people with ample parking and overflow parking. Of course we have tables, chairs, WiFi, a solid audio system and six huge video screens.

We are locally owned and operated, meaning our people are Fort Worth residents and your neighbors. The money we make stays in the Fort Worth area.  You are our fellow Texans, and we believe in treating fellow Texans fairly and helpfully.

Call us today! Let’s get you into the Fort Worth birthday party place you can afford.