gfraduation venues

If you will be needing to rent one of the many graduation venues next year, let this article serve as a gentle reminder that sooner is better.

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Graduation venues differ in reservation policies.

Even though we are suggesting making a reservation a year in advance, do not assume that all of the event space rentals you look at follow that reservation policy.

There is no standard reservation policy which is followed by all event centers. Some only allow reservations be taken six months in advance. Some a full year and very few take reservations beyond that one-year limit.  You will simply have to call around and find out for yourself what is allowed at the various event venues.  Tedious but necessary.

Why you should reserve graduation venues a year in advance.

Why rent graduation venues, or any venues, a full year in advance?

The first reason is the obvious one: the sooner you can reserve, the better your chance of getting the date that you want.

Secondly, reserving a year in advance “grandfathers’ you in, or locks you in, to that reservation price, thus protecting you from any price increases which may occur during that year.

Thirdly, once you have locked down a location, you can then turn to the planning of the event, and having an actual location helps you with floor plans and the overall logistics of planning such a large event.

Finally, reserving early helps you with your peace of mind.  You can relax knowing that no matter what, you at least have a location guaranteed, and trust us, this is a major relief for anyone planning such an event.

Do you really want to risk settling for second-best?

Nobody likes to settle for second-best. It’s not in our nature to be happy with second-best, or third-best. We want the best, and the sooner you sign that rental agreement, the better your chance of getting what you really want.

Consider this: in the city where you live, there is a limited number of locations where a graduation can be held.   There is also a limited number of schools looking for those locations.  And there is only one which is the best.

The old adage “the early bird gets the worm” applies beautifully to this discussion.  Are you going to be the early bird, and get the worm you want, or the late bird, and have to settle for “less than?”

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, and we are one of the newest venues in Fort Worth. That simply means we have to try harder to win over Fort Worth residents. Ask us about our all inclusive pricing policy, our ten floor plans, and for sure take advantage of our year-in-advance reservation policy.

Call us today. At Tarrant Events Center, we do things right, and that means peace of mind for you.