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The problem with a Google search like “halls for rent for party near me” is that it leaves you like a drowning man surrounded by ocean water.  You have literally dozens of party hall rentals, but very few of them are good for you when you need that drink.

We are here to help, we being Tarrant Events Center, a venue rental serving the Greater Fort Worth area. Call us if you have questions about social event venues.

What kind of party are you having?

It makes a difference. Not all parties are the same, and not all party venue rentals are the same.  There are birthday party venues and Christmas party venues. There are company party venues and kids party venues.  Each party provides its own list of needs and problems, and not all venues can handle those particular needs and problems.

Make sense?

The thing to watch out for, though, is that most party venue management teams will tell you that they can handle any sort of party you are planning, and that simply is not the truth.

What we are saying is this: know exactly what you need, and then grill the management team to make sure they can provide for your needs.

So, what do you need from the party venue?

Let’s start with the absolute “must haves” for any party. 

You need the following to throw any type of party:

  • Ample parking
  • A sound system
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Linens
  • WiFi
  • Rest rooms
  • Ample capacity for your event

These are deal-breakers, so find out about that list immediately upon talking to a venue management team.

Now let’s talk about the secondary items you may or may not “need:”

  • Video monitors
  • Kitchen
  • Food preparation team
  • Bartender
  • Music

Can you throw a party without those things? Of course you can, but for many, these things are almost essential.  Food certainly is essential, but many party venues do not provide food.  And many do, taking the decision-making out of your hands. Many do not have liquor licenses.  Many do not have music or entertainment.  What are you going to do about these things, and will the management team have recommendations to aid you?

How we do things at Tarrant Events Center

We are known as a turnkey event center.  We have the basics sitting in the hall waiting for you.  If all you need are the essentials, you could pay us at ten, set up at eleven, and have your party at twelve. All the basics are there waiting for you.

But a delay always happens because of those amenities mentioned in the second list.  You want food served.  You want drinks for your corporate party.  You want live music. Those things take time to arrange, but we work closely with our clients to make sure you can find what you need. We have a list of caterers we have worked with in the past. We know bartenders. We have a list of food trucks.  We have six-50’ monitors for presentations.  We have cordless microphones.

If we don’t have it, we can tell you where to get it.

We work with you at Tarrant Events Center.

Call us today!