event room rental

If you foresee leasing one of the many halls for rent in your area, in the near future, you will want to read this article before you begin the process. We will be sharing some valuable, and timely, insider information about the event hall rental process.  We are Tarrant Events Center of Fort Worth. Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our all-purpose event center.

Now let’s get to those questions.

What do halls for rent cost?

The accurate answer to this question is there is no one answer. We know that is not a satisfactory answer, but it is truthful.

Renting an event room rental can cost you as little as $500 per event, or as much as $5000 or more per event.  As a general rule of thumb, weekends cost more than weekdays.  Generally speaking, rentals in desirable locations cost more than those in, shall we say, less desirable locations.  It is also true, in most cases, that halls for rent will cost more in a robust economy vs a down economy when you might see the rental price drop a bit to match the economic landscape of a particular city.

All of that information deals only with the event space rental cost. You then need to turn your attention to the secondary costs i.e. food, entertainment, decorations, servers, insurance, etc., and that is food for another article.

One final word about rental prices: seek all-inclusive pricing in your rental agreement. This simple policy guards you against surcharges and hidden fees, so that what you pay is what you agreed upon when you signed the rental agreement.

How far in advance can I reserve halls for rent?

Again, there is no “one answer fits all” response to this question.  Our own Tarrant Events Center takes reservations a full year in advance of any event.  This is the best-case scenario for anyone looking to rent an event center. It locks you in and guarantees that you have a site, and it locks you in at that current price and protects you against price increases during the next year.

What do most event space rentals include in the rental?

Once again, there is no standard response to this question. Most event space rentals are a bit different regarding amenities.  Some may simply include tables and chairs. Some may include a kitchen.  Our own Tarrant Events Center has ten floor plans to choose from, a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms, over an acre of landscaped grounds, a moveable stage, video monitors . . . but this is not always the case for all event room rentals, so our best advice is to call around and find the best amenities package you can.

You are now armed with enough information to begin your search. We wish you well during the hunt.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated, and we are standing by to take your call and provide what you need to make your event vision become a reality. Call us today and let’s arrange for a tour of our facility.