event room rental in Fort Worth

What types of events can be held in a Haltom City event space rental currently available in Haltom City?

That is the key question you should be asking if you are looking for a Haltom City event center like Tarrant Events Center.  Our event hall rental can handle any type of event, but that cannot be said about all event room rental opportunities.

Tarrant Events Center is located at 5230 Denton Highway in Fort Worth, Texas.  Call us for more details and to arrange for a tour of our facility.

Yes, we said we are located in Fort Worth, not Haltom City, but seriously, we are talking about five miles distance, a mere eight minutes in travel time, and isn’t that drive worth it to find the event hall rental you can use for any type of event?

What types of events at Tarrant Events Center?

You name it, we can host it, and that’s not hyperbole.  We have the facility to handle the following, to name just a few:

For the sake of shortening the list, let’s just say any type of event you can dream up can be held at Tarrant Events Center. The only qualifier we would add would be number of people. We can handle from 50-300 people for an event. Any more than that gets us in trouble with the fire marshal, and we seriously try to avoid doing that.

How can we be so flexible?

The key for us at Tarrant Events Center is flexibility.  We offer a variety of floor plans.  We have a main room plus two VIP rooms.  We have a movable stage.  We have indoor facilities plus one acre of landscaped grounds for outdoor activities.  This flexibility really is only limited by your imagination.  You dream it and we can be it at Tarrant Events Center.

The final step is yours

Let’s say you go visit our facility.  Let’s say you love it, you love the price (from $850 to $2500, depending upon half-day rental, full-day rental, and day of the week), and you love the friendly staff.  You decide to rent our event center, and now the pre-event tasks must be completed, namely arranging for a caterer, a decorator, and entertainment.

We leave those things up to you!  You arrange with caterers or food trucks, or you arrange for your friends to supply the food.  You arrange for decorations, and you arrange for entertainment.  Yes, it is a bit more work for you, but it also means you are in control of all facets of planning, eliminating confusion and misunderstandings, and it also means you negotiate for the best price possible for those services, thus keeping your total event price down as low as possible.

In our opinion, you really can’t afford not to call Tarrant Events Center and arrange for a tour.  If your event is important to you, wouldn’t you want to see the best location for that event?

Of course you would!

Call us today!