Renting reception venues

In a perfect world, small wedding venues are less-expensive than larger ones.  That’s how it should work and, generally speaking, that’s how it does work in the event hall rental industry.  Having said that, many who are planning a wedding still find even small wedding venues to be too expensive, not to mention all of the secondary costs of having a wedding, and it is to those people that we present this article for consideration.

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Let’s talk about saving you money and getting the most out of small wedding venues and wedding venues in general.

Let’s talk about the rental cost of wedding venues

You call up a wedding venue and you ask the leasing agent what it costs to rent the venue for a wedding.  You are quoted a price, a price which may be $1,000, $3,000, even $10,000 for a day.  You look at your budget.  You look at your bank account.  You look back at the rental price you jotted down.  And then you most likely pour yourself a drink.

We get it.  It is not cheap. Even an event room rental advertised as inexpensive wedding venues are expensive to those with a limited budget.  Can you negotiate for a lower price? Possibly, but not likely, and that’s just the cold, hard fact.  Quality wedding venues are in demand.  They are constantly booked. They have no reason to negotiate rental prices with you, and that means you are pretty much stuck with the prices you are quoted.  But, and this is an important but, there are still ways to get the biggest bang for your buck when renting small wedding venues.

Now let’s talk about the secondary costs of wedding venues

There IS money to be saved on the secondary costs of wedding venues.

Having a wedding also means having a reception, correct?  It is amazing, to us, how many people rent a wedding venue and then rent a separate reception venue, basically doubling their rental costs.

There is no need to do that if you rent a place like our Tarrant Events Center.  There you will find an indoor facility but also over an acre of landscaped grounds for an outdoor event.  Rent one location and have the wedding and reception in the same location at one rental cost, not two, thus saving thousands of dollars.

The key to this is flexibility. The wedding venue which offers you the most flexibility and choices is the wedding venue where big savings will occur.

What about food preparation for the reception? What about decorations and music?  Do you need professionals to provide those things, or can you go all DIY and save money in the process?  Places like Tarrant Events Center have finishing kitchens, meaning you prepare the food elsewhere and then store it in the finishing kitchen, thus saving money by not hiring a caterer or chef.  Places like Tarrant Events Center offer various floor plans, offer professional sound and video systems, and offer a full list of other amenities, and every amenity means savings to you.

Again, the key word is flexibility. The more flexibility, the more choices you have, and the more choices/options you have, the greater the chance you can save money on your wedding/reception.

A word about Tarrant Events Center

When it comes to flexibility in small wedding venues, Tarrant Events Center leads the way in Fort Worth. Call us a full year in advance, lock in on our all-inclusive price, and reap the benefits of a full range of amenities. We are locally owned and operated, and we are dedicated to being the very best in small wedding venues in Fort Worth.