Outdoor party venues are nice until it rains or hails, and then the party venue rental isn’t so nice at all.

You need to plan for the worst and celebrate the best. We can help at Tarrant Events Center. Call us today!

The worst outdoor party venue scenario imaginable

We might as well get it out of the way right off the bat: what is the worst that can happen with an outdoor party venue?

How about this scenario:  You spend months planning and preparing for your outdoor event; caterers arrive, food is prepared, decorations are set up, and guest arrive.  And then it rains!  And rains!  And the wind picks up and it rains horizontally.  Your guests are drenched. The food is floating in the dishes.

The party is ruined!

Let us put it another way: You can’t trust Mother Nature! Every once in a while, Mother Nature will decide to rain on your parade, and all that planning and all those preparations are washed away.

Do you really want to trust Mother Nature?

How to beat Mother Nature with an outdoor party

The solution is a simple one, but it is one so many people overlook: rent an event space rental which has an outdoor space AND an indoor space!  That way, if the weather looks threatening, you can easily move all of the festivities indoors or, if you are planning for the worst, you can decorate indoors and outdoors and be ready for the worst should it arrive.

That piece of advice automatically narrows your venue rental search.  Very few venue rentals have an indoor and outdoor area, but Tarrant Events Center does.  At our facility, we not only can handle a party of between 10-275 people, but we also have a treed one-acre lot outdoors for you to work with.  This truly is the best of all worlds when looking for party hall rentals. Plan for the worst and celebrate the best at Tarrant Events Center.

How it all works for the best

Here’s what you do in preparing for the weather.  You look at party room rentals which have indoor and outdoor options.  You decorate both the indoor and outdoor area.  You set up tables indoors and outdoors.  You keep the food indoors.  You make sure you rent a venue which has WiFi available indoors and outdoors.  You make sure foot traffic can easily flow from indoors to outdoors.

And you plan your party accordingly and tell Mother Nature to bring it on!

How it works at Tarrant Events Center

We provide the basics. We provide the tables, chairs, linens, kitchen, WiFi, indoor and outdoor facilities, parking and overflow parking, and then we turn you loose to change our venue into a party venue.  You arrange for food and entertainment.  You negotiate with individual vendors for the best price.  We can give you recommendations on caterers or food trucks or DJ’s we’ve worked with in the past, but the decisions are left to you to find the best fit for you.

In other words, at Tarrant Events Center, we put the power in your hands.

Call us!  We will work with you to make your party the best party imaginable.