outdoor garden wedding venues

Outdoor wedding venues are lovely, and without a doubt they provide nuance and wonderful memories for those who use them for their weddings.  However, they also require pre-planning and preparation for the #1 problem inherent in using outdoor wedding venues.

Read on and find out what you can do to make sure your outside wedding venues do not turn against you and ruin your wedding.

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Now, though, let’s turn our attention to outdoor wedding venues, what can go wrong with them, and how you can prepare against the inherent problems which can arise.

The beauty of outdoor wedding venues is undeniable

How many or you reading this were married outside?  If so, you can attest to the wonderment of being married outdoors. The natural beauty, the sounds, the smells, they all add up to an explosion of the senses, and make for a lifetime memory.  Outdoor wedding venues can provide some of the most magical photographs and videos, and they just beat the heck out of indoor wedding venues for ambiance and a feel-good atmosphere.

The problem with outdoor wedding venues

So, if they are so wonderful, what is the problem with outdoor wedding venues?

Mother Nature doesn’t care about your event.  That’s the problem!  Most reputable wedding venues take reservations a full year in advance of the wedding.  This is great for a feeling of security in having a venue nailed down and in place, but it is a huge risk, trusting that Mother Nature will cooperate and provide a picture-perfect day of weather.

Imagine, if you will, the morning of the wedding. The decorators arrive and transform the wedding venue into a magical scene.  The guests start arriving, wearing their finest, and the stage is set for the perfect event.  And then it begins raining.  Or the wind begins to howl.  Or a wild fire one-hundred miles away blows a thick cloud of smoke your way.  Or there is an emergency a half-mile away, and sirens start wailing while your ceremony is taking place.

None of these scenarios are out of the ordinary, and all could happen while your wedding ceremony is happening, thus, in effect, ruining your big event.

What can you do about outdoor wedding venues and winter date?

Using our own event center as an example . . . Tarrant Events Center has over an acre of landscaped grounds, perfect for outdoor wedding venues, but we also have our indoor facility, a nice protection should any of the above problems occur.  We call it our Protection Plan. When you rent Tarrant Events Center, you get the capabilities of having an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding, and that is the protection you need to stave off any problem.

If you do not live in the Fort Worth area, and you are reading this, our suggestion to you is to rent an indoor/outdoor facility.  It just makes good sense to do so.  Mother Nature can do anything she wants the day of your wedding, and you will be prepared and protected.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

No matter the occasion or event, Tarrant Events Center is ready for it.  Call us and make your reservation a full-year in advance, and ask us about our ten floor plans and other amenities.  We are locally owned and operated, and we are standing by, eager to help you.