party venue rentals

Looking for a party space rental in the Hurst area? Perhaps a party space rental North Richland Hills, or party space rental Haltom City?  We have one which serves all of those areas. In fact, our name, Tarrant Events Center, indicates we handle all parties, or all types, for all of Tarrant County. We are located at 5230 Denton Highway, in Fort Worth, are we think it’s worth a phone call to find out all of the amenities we offer.

All types of parties held in our party venue rental

You have heard of the movie “A Man For All Seasons?” We are a party venue rental for all parties.  Depending upon who rents our venue, we can handle:

You name the party, we can handle it, and there are not many event venues which can make that claim.

What does it cost?

There are two types of costs associated with hosting a party in a venue: the actual rental of the venue, and the costs of things like entertainment, food, beverages, and decorations.

The cost of party hall rentals will depend upon the day of the week you plan on holding the party. There are peak times and there are “slack” times when renting a venue.  Our prices at Tarrant Events Center range from $850 to $2500, depending upon the time and also depending upon whether you rent for the half-day or the full-day.

The costs of entertainment, food, beverages, and decorations are hard to approximate, mainly because there are quite a few options.

Some rental venues include those costs in their rental fee, which is convenient, for sure, but it is also the most expensive route you can take.

A few other venues, like Tarrant Events Center, leave those things up to the client.  We simply rent a venue.  We leave the attainment of food, entertainment, decorations, and beverages up to you. We have a full kitchen so you can prepare your own party food. We can recommend caterers or food trucks we have worked with in the past. The same is true of entertainment, bartenders, and decorators.  You are free to negotiate with them to find the best price, or you can take on those duties yourself.

Our way of doing things is less-expensive for you.  It also means a bit more work for you, but if money is a factor, this is the route to take.

We take care of the essentials

We provide chairs, tables, microphones, WiFi, a movable stage, various floor plans to choose from, six large monitors, the capability of being an indoor venue or an outdoor venue on our landscaped acre of property.  We are an all-inclusive party venue, meaning there are no hidden costs. We quote you a rental price, and that’s the price you will pay.  Period!

Give us a call!  Arrange for a tour of Tarrant Events Center.  We will make it worth your while, walk you around the property, and lock you in on a price for a solid year.