places to throw a party

Places to throw a party are numerous. Finding the gem among them, at a price you can afford, is a bit more difficult. This article, provided by Tarrant Events Center, is meant to simplify the process a bit, to give you a guideline which will help you to find the perfect party venue rental for your next shindig.  Call us at 817-996-3636 for more information and to arrange for a tour of our party space rental.

So many places to throw a party possibilities

Truth be told, a party venue is basically any room where a party can be held.  The most basic party room rental is any place where food can be served, room enough for people to mingle, and a bathroom or two.

Using that as a definition, any city of decent size will have dozens, if not hundreds of party venues to choose from, meaning your job of finding “the right one” can seem a bit overwhelming.  There are VFW halls and school gymnasiums. There are church halls and restaurant group rooms.

There are even event centers like Tarrant Event Center.

So, faced with so many choices, how do you narrow the list down?

Narrowing the list of places to throw a party down to a manageable number

It all begins with a budget.  If you have an unlimited budget, skip this portion of the article, but in truth most people have a budget to work with, and that budget will eliminate many of the possible party room rentals.

For those remaining venues, you will then want to match the venue to your vision of the party.  What does your “dream party” look like? What do you need to make that dream come true? Do you need a stage? Do you need video monitors? Do you need a kitchen?  How will the food be prepared? Who will do the catering and decorating, and who will provide entertainment?

Some of these things will be provided by the venue management company, and it is important to ask what services each one provides before signing any contract.  Remember, though, that services such as catering and decoration and entertainment cost extra money, and the following is a suggestion how you can avoid those extra costs.

Keeping costs in line with your budget with a DIY attitude

If you have a tight budget, you never want someone else providing services you can perform yourself. We adopt this philosophy at Tarrant Events Center. We stay out of the catering/decorating/entertainment aspects of any party. We believe you can find a much better deal on all of that if you deal with those providers on your own, or if you adopt a strict DIY attitude and provide those services yourself.  The only true way to stay within a strict, small budget, for any party, is to do many of the tasks like food preparation and decorating yourself.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center

Tarrant Events Center is one of the newest event centers in Fort Worth, and that simply means we try harder to make a name for ourselves.  Call us to arrange for a tour, and ask us about all inclusive pricing, an important policy which will save you money.