Fort Worth party venues

It always bothers us when we see people doing a Google search for “reception halls for rent near me,”  or “reception hall rental near me.” They have no idea how limiting that search is, and limits can mean dollars in rental prices.

We can help you save money and find the perfect reception hall rental.  Are you interested?

We are Tarrant Events Center, serving the Greater Fort Worth, Texas, area, and whether you live in Fort Worth or not, what we have to tell you is relevant and valuable to you.  Read on and then call us.

What is a reception hall venue?

This is a key question, so pay attention.  A reception halls venue is nothing more than four walls, a ceiling, and a floor which is for rent for an event.


You can name it a reception hall venue, or you can name it an event hall rental, or a venue rental, or an event space rental. They are all the same – four walls, a ceiling, and a floor.

A venue rental is a venue rental is a venue rental, no matter what the event may be, and because that is true, you have many, many event space rentals available to you if you just expand your thinking a bit.

Expand your thinking more by considering “near me.”

The more options you have to look at, the better the chance you will find a great price for your reception hall.  “Near me” can mean so many things. What does it mean to you? Ten miles? Twenty?  Tarrant Events Center serves all of Tarrant County, about a twenty-five mile radius, and in today’s world, twenty-five miles is nothing when going to an event.  Heck, the average commute to work in large cities is forty-minutes.  People will sure drive twenty-five miles for some fun.

Combine events!

Another way you might save some money is to combine the wedding and the reception in the same event space rental.  You just might be able to negotiate a better price if you rent twice instead of once from a rental company. Speaking for Tarrant Events Center, we can definitely say the opportunity to hold two events is much more attractive to us than one, and our appreciation will become apparent to you if you should choose to do both at our event venue.

Let’s summarize!  Expand your thinking.  Do not limit your search to just reception halls. Do not severely limit your search to five or ten miles.  And, if possible, combine wedding and reception to one large event at the same venue.

About Tarrant Events Center

The first thing we want you to know about Tarrant Events Center is that we are locally owned and operated. We are your neighbors, and that means we want the best for you. That’s just the Texas way of doing business, and you know that to be true.

We will work with you to make good things happen. We provide the basics and we give you recommendations for vendors, music, and decorations, companies we have worked with and have faith in.

Name a date for your event and then call us, Tarrant Events Center. We will help you make it happen!