private dining room

This is one of the most common misconceptions about renting a private dining room, that they are only found in restaurants, and that simply is not the case.  In this article, we will explain how practically any space capable of holding the number of attendees can be called a private dinning room.

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What is a private dining room?

As we hinted at earlier in this article, a private dining room is simply a room where people can eat, separate from the public.  By that definition, you could literally decorate a garage and serve food and it would be a private dining room.  Don’t worry, that’s not what we are suggesting, but we are suggesting that you have many more options than simply the Google listings when you do search for “private dining rooms.”

What you need for a room to be a dining room?

So, let’s picture a blank room, just four walls and a door.  What do you need to turn that blank room into a dining room?

You will need, obviously, tables, chairs, and linens.  You will need cutlery and tableware.  You will need some sort of kitchen to either prepare the food or keep the prepared food fresh until it is time to be served.  For larger gatherings, you will need some sort of sound system and you may, in fact, also want a stage and video monitors.

Those, we believe, are the very basics, and once listed it is easy to see why spaces capable of being dining rooms are a bit more limited.

The more options you have the better.

Simply stated, the more options you have in an event space rental, the better, and Tarrant Events Center easily outpaces the Fort Worth competition in amenities and options offered with our rentals. Those options/amenities include:

  • Tables, chairs, and linens
  • Seating for 50-300, depending upon configuration
  • Ten floor plans to choose from
  • Ten video monitors
  • Moveable stage
  • Cordless microphones
  • Finishing kitchen
  • Two VIP rooms in addition to main room
  • BYOB and BYOF options
  • State of the art sound system
  • Over an acre of landscaped grounds
  • Ample free parking
  • Easy load and unload area

In other words, if you can dream it, we can match that dream because of our flexibility.

Is this all standard practice in this industry? Oh my goodness, no!  We are giving you an idea of what is available at some event room rentals, but it is in no way available at all of them, meaning you must ask the tough questions and negotiate, when possible, for as many amenities as possible.

We don’t know what your vision of a great dining experience is, but we do know that the more options you have at your disposal, the greater the chance you can make that vision a reality.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

Tarrant Events Center is locally owned and operated. Call us today and ask us about our game-changing all inclusive pricing policy and yes, we take reservations a full year in advance.