This super-popular wedding venue in Haltom City is a favorite for spring weddings

Any article claiming that you can save money on your after wedding party is an article worth reading, and this one by Tarrant Events Center has the potential to save you thousands.

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Now, though, let’s talk about saving you money.

The traditional after wedding party.

You have all attended the traditional wedding and after wedding party.  The wedding takes place in a church, and after the wedding the attendees/guests go to a reception venue for the after-wedding festivities.  That has been the traditional approach for centuries in this country, and it is still done today.

The problem with this approach is that it is expensive.  You must pay for the church reservation, and you must pay for the reception hall rental on top of all that, you must pay for the food, decorations, entertainment, set-up, take-down, and servers.

We believe there is a better approach, one which has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

Our approach to the after wedding party.

When we designed our own Tarrant Events Center, we designed it with flexibility in mind. We wanted our event space rental to have the capability to host a variety of events; not just weddings, not just birthday parties, not just Quinceanera parties, not just corporate events, but all of those.  That is why we offer ten floor plans, a moveable stage, a finishing kitchen, two VIP rooms, and that is why we also have, in addition to the main event room, a full acre of landscaped grounds.

And those landscaped grounds are what we want to talk about now.

Instead of holding the wedding at a church or some event hall, and the reception at another location, which in effect means paying for two reservations, why not hold the wedding indoors and the reception outdoors at the same location, a location like Tarrant Events Center?

You immediately save one reservation fee, but you also simplify the whole process.  Everything is held in one location. All preparations can be done at one location. The attendees will be ecstatic because it means they only need to travel to one location, and the process of set-up and take-down is greatly simplified.

What do you say? Does saving thousands sound good?

Consider the rental fee at our own Tarrant Events Center. We rent our complex for $2000-$3000 per event, depending upon the day of the week.  Our rental fee is probably average for the industry, possibly a bit below average.  This means that by holding both events at one location, like our own Tarrant Events Center, you will automatically save between $2000-$3000, and how does that sound to you?

It is such a simple solution.  All you have to do now is find a place like Tarrant Events Center in your town.

A final word about Tarrant Events Center.

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